TM puts RM99 UniFi promo on hold

Posted:  October 22, 2017   By:    44 comments   

TM UniFi 99

A few days ago, it was discovered that TM was offering its affordable UniFi Lite broadband plan for RM99/month. That’s a significant RM30 monthly discount from its usual price of RM129/month. If you were interested in this offer, unfortunately, TM has put it on hold until further notice.

According to @TMConnects on Twitter, the RM99 UniFi Lite campaign has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances and they apologise for any inconveniences caused. To recap, the UniFi Lite plan offers 10Mbps downloads with upload speeds of 5Mbps.

With this promo, customers are eligible to subscribe at RM99 for 24-months if they sign up by 31 December 2017. It is only applicable for new registrations and it was also reported that it’s only offered at selected locations.

It isn’t clear why TM has suspended the UniFi promotion. It might be because of a technical issue or possibly due to public outcry from existing UniFi subscribers. At the moment, we have no idea when TM would resume this campaign. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.


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44 Comments for TM puts RM99 UniFi promo on hold


Trust Us, Cow oso can climb tree


    ya, and the pig sure can fly.


    hahaha very world class telco


Just like telling your new date, I love you so much and the next day, sorry I am not ready.


Thank you losers for complaining. Because you all not happy, now nobody can enjoy RM99. Dont blaff that you never get special promo before. Malaysia can not progress with crab mentality.


    Then why not you subscribe new package then you pay RM129 for me and I pay RM99 for you?? Guess you are going to become crab now


      Ur own fking problem if you cant wait longer for better promotion and signed up earlier, why should new subscriber pay 129 while u pay 99 for us? Katak loser with crab mentality like u= diedie must grab all goodies


        What is you sign up now for RM99 then later tm offer new subscriber at RM69?? How do you feel?? Still happy with you RM99?? Happy to see you turn up to be crab! Haha…. anyway, due to all these stupid crab to be, we ought to make sure tm won’t be able to implement the unfair offer to you crab


          I bought PS4 for RM1800+ and now everyone can buy it from as low as RM1000.. Should i complain to Sony?


          Yes you should. When Apple cut iPhone 7 price, owners should also go protest so that Apple will increase the price back. Consumers hate promos. Say no to discount.


    We dont need their crappy bundled hypptv


    Haha.. x dpt ke.. kesian nye.. padan muka 😛


      Hahaha…,ko pun x dpt, sama sama padan muka.hahaha…..


        hahaha.. aku dah nk terminate pun unifi ni.. x hingin aku pakai unifi lg.. buuuu…


    merengek lah kuat2 dah x dpt tu.. hahaha 😛

    Disgusted with TM

    If you recall not too long ago, Maxis increased the data for new customers and after consumers protested, they extended to everyone. Let’s not let unscrupulous companies get away with such gimmicks. Consumers win if we stand united.


It sucks. I was just about to register on Monday.


while it's bad that they retract the promo that's good for a lot of people. I also agree that streamyx should have discounted price too. I mean the infrastructure has been around for years and majority of the coverage is in rural places. us kampung people ain't rich. nor that we have good enough broadband speeds to opt out.


    kampung ppl need to use streamyx. where 1 mb ady cost them rm110 not including gst. TM is a fraud.


    Which you rather have? Cheaper streamyx have TM to expand more fibre Network in rural area?


TM is always not ready to bring up the broadband speed and lower the price. The Government should now consider bringing in telecom companies from Korea, singapore and even China to give a boost to our broadband industry. Don't make TM a second Proton that can only survive on government's protection.


TM just realize this RM99 package is a craze to all.

so they decide to raise the price abit, so they can earn more.

brace yourself!


Geez Student, please do not resort to calling names such as "losers". Put yourself in our shoes before you call us "losers" for "complaining" !


    Next time never buy anything with discount. If car sales man give discount insist not to take. Please be fair to others who paid full price earlier. Don’t be a hypocrite.


      If can’t get discount you can’t affort to buy?? Pity poor students…haha


      hahaha.. kesian nye student ni.. x abis2 merengek.. hahaha


TM always find ways to pocket $$$ first

no unifly

For my location has no unifi, any price of promo also useless for me.


    they purposely retain the expensive fee of streamyx knowing that you have no other choice. do you know that many people are still paying rm 60 for 384kbps? which is the same rate 10 years ago.


      Last time dial up was more expensive than streamyx because no unlimited. If you want cheap, then move to fibre. Newer technology is always cheaper so move up, don’t expect old tech to drop price. Demand unifi to expand.


        my place don't have unifi bro

Sunny Saw

I am paying my unifi for 156/ – per months. It seem it is not running smoothly a lot fluctuations with theWiFi.

Sunny Saw

When is the upgr

Yg terkasima

Yang komen tu penuh perasaan tak suka org lain senang…kalau dia nak harga promo..langan ka pakej unufi..yang masih dok layan stremyx sapa suruh..kemudia komplen sana sini…si typical….buang la perasaan hasad dengki tu jauh jauh…kalau kibtak mau…ramai lagi kat luar yang nak harga promo tu bro..dok diam diam sudah kaa


urmmmm…the great malaysian! cursing here n there..very typical lah. everyone else are stupid except diri sendiri sooo bijak. eh


Unifi lite rm129..= combinasi unifi(99) dan hypptv anywhere(30).
Tp x pernah dpt gunakan hypptv anywhere….
Boleh buang hyyptv????

The adviser

Yesterday , TM contacted me to ask whether I want to upgrade to unifi or not , he suggested me the RM 179 for 30 Mbps , currently my plan is only 1 Mbps ( bb deals , long ago ) , RM 110 ++ GST…. , So I ask him about the RM 99 deals , and he replied , oh ” this deal isn’t a standalone package , If you want to subscribe to this plan , you’ve to subscribe to a webe plan ( RM 78 for that webe plan ) ” , then only you can enjoy the above promotion , not sure how long is the contract for webe plan , but guys don’t get your hopes too high up , because there’s never ever free breakfast/lunch/dinner , purely marketing strategy ( or in other words scam… )


Streamyx price still not revised ke tm. Speed so ciput…but price expensive. 1mb for rm110…haiyaa… Apa ceria nie…


The marketing department run by idiots. If they wanted to increase subscription base without angering current subscribers they should have message it as RM720 rebate* for new subscribers instead of $99/month.

* (to be credited in customer bill over 24 months)

That way existing subscribers won't be that mad.


student or rodent?


bukan semua tempat ada unifi lah!


Need to complain to MCMC for their unfair pricing.


Najib promised double speed immediately from January 2017. But alas, semua bohong saja. Cash is King rules again. Rakyat suffer. So all the broadband providers now playing our buntut with this. So Rakyat…ini Malaysia bolih tapi Tak Bolih again.