Finally, UniFi for less than RM100. Is your area covered?

Posted:  October 20, 2017   By:    34 comments   

UPDATE: TM puts its RM99 UniFi Lite promo on hold.

It looks like UniFi has a brand new promo for their entry-level UniFi LITE plan. Originally offered at RM129/month for 10Mbps download and 5Mbps upload speed, now, new users can get it for below RM100/month.

Twitter user @aniq8676 spotted this banner with some details of the plan:

According to the plan, users can get the UniFi LITE plan for as low as RM99/month for the same 10Mbps/5Mbps download and upload speeds. Unfortunately, this plan is not on their website yet.

However, @TMConnects, TM’s official customer service Twitter account, has confirmed that the promotion is real. They also stated that the promotional price is valid for 24 months and is available until the end of the year. That said, in a separate tweet, TM also said that this offer is only valid for new registrations only. reports that the promotion is only available in selected locations.

For more information on UniFi Lite, you can head on over to UniFi’s official website.


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34 Comments for Finally, UniFi for less than RM100. Is your area covered?

Awg Kamal

it is real…but then u have to subscribe for that hypptv everywhere for rm30 same rm129


    No Awg Kamal. This doesn't look like the standard RM99 unifi + RM30 hypptv everywhere package which is the normal package price.

    If you look at the banner, it is RM99 instead of the normal RM129. It looks like TM is really giving RM30 discount for 24 months.

    However, there a lot of dissatisfaction among existing Unifi Lite customers (all of which just recently registered) – possibly being the reason that TM is putting this promotion on hold.

    Perhaps TM should consider giving existing Unifi Lite customers discount or give them free speed upgrade. That way:
    1. TM get to keep their existing customers happy.
    2. Existing customers will not cancel their package and move to Ma***
    3. TM will get to encourage existing Streamyx customers to migrate and also get new customers.

    Win-win for all!

Disgusted with TM

Only in Malaysia, TM is able to short change the customers and get away with it. First, they tied you up for 24 months on a new contract. Secondly, when TM lower the price for the same package, you as an existing customers are not qualified to enjoy the discount.




    Pathetic service. Fed up of TM. Fleecing ppl with 24 months


harga promo tk trmasuk dgn hyptv dgn gst. tgok port dan coverage jgak.


There also promised n issued an email confirmations that they will upgrade my unifi to 10Mbps in line with the call of our beloved PM but after waiting for 8 to 9 months n numerous visit to TM center. They told me I am still had to wait. How long no body can give me an answer

    Ray tk

    They have informed upgrade my 30mbps to 50mbps many months ago, nothing happened at all.

Alvin Chong

Ohhh…..TM give big discount now, I love TM….I willing to sign up with 36 months contract because my area got no unifi but i force to stick with 8MB plan cost RM148.00 per month. Thank you TM because you say no budget to install unifi on my area, thank you to give discount.


    In fact they shouldn’t take the streamyx aseemef like an alternative to the unifi!


after 24 months back to normal price rm129?


dlm bil mmg akan tulis rm99+gst unifi lite.. pstuuu ade plak hypptv everywhere yg aku tk tgok langsung for additional rm30+gst.. tgok iflix lgi bagus


I just signed up RM129 unifi in Aug 2017. Can I convert to this RM100 package?

Chan Choi Hwa

I just signed up to Rm129 unifi recently Oct 2017. Can I covert to this Rm100 package?


Kenapa unifi ni dia punya speed dah kurang. Saya pakai kat rumah 30mbps bila nak guna under 10mbps…. kalau langgan yg 10mbps x tahu la brape mbps jer yg tinggal. Masa promosi macam2 janji yg ditabur x drop la, x streaming la, dan bla bla bla….


saya bayar 200++ every month tp line masih tak bagus. boleh tukar tak ke 99


How to apply?


    Yeah. I don’t see anywhere on the site about this…


The only concern is all Area cover available?

Confirm RM99/month, without free call and Hypptv(don't need both of this anyway)???


tak tau lah !!! sengar cerita kempen Fibre Optik ni memang bagus … adakah fibre optik ni terus masuk kedalam rumah saya … saya rasa tidak !! ke rumah masih guna copoer wire !! ini sebabnya masih ada .. resistance and loses !! …


    Rumah flat/apartment masih cooper

siapa ini

certain area only


I just subscibe recently in Aug at rm129, how could the package be converted to recent promotion of rm99?

Gunashakran Muniyandy

I just signed up for unify lite rm129 in August 2017. Can I convert to rm99 plan?

Mike Khoh

TM says my backlane ports is come is full when my backlane is locked. Still waiting for my unifi since last year

Mohd Azman Abdullah

Kalau bukan hardcore internet user saya nasihatkan jangan jerut leher sendiri. Bila lewat bayar, agen TM akan call dan SMS anda seperti di bawah
“Nama anda” Kami masih belum menerima byrn penuh akaun TELEKOM “Nombor akaun anda” tertunggak “Amaun lambat bayar”.Pelaksanaan CTOS dan RAMCI akan dikuatkuasakan dlm 48jam.Hbg 03-21824445


Those already subscribe, no way to downgrade your package to this rM99.
Also, siapa yang dah pakai Unifi, elok belanja sikit untuk beli router yg lebih bagus. Router TM memang celaka, internet selalu hang.

Ken soong

Not fair 4mbps streamyx 1 months rm148 & not stable, always down??
Still waiting for fiber cable at my area???


haha… msians have realized TM dont fulfill their promise… offer RM150/ Rm129/ Rm99 also dont want

terminated my awful 8Mbps Streamyx and didnt consider unifi because it is from TM… they are better and cheaper alternatives if your area gets 4G and don’t need big data quota


Tak guna la, banyak area no coverage. Go for other cheaper and better alternatives.


I just signed up to Rm129 unifi recently Oct 2017. Can I covert to this Rm100 package?


Please remove this announcement as higher level management been on hold this promo until further notice


RM99 Unifi package is that available NOW?


    Nope..not sure why they postpone the promotion