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Celcom offers the iPhone 8 from as low as RM99 this Friday

iPhone 8 RM99 celcom offer

There are fewer queues for the iPhone 8 worldwide compared to its previous launches. With so many convenient options including free delivery to your doorstep, what’s the point of standing in front of a store for hours just to pay the full retail price like anyone else?

If you’re in Malaysia and you love queues, you might want to head over to Celcom’s Blue Cube outlet in Sunway this Friday, 20 October 2017.

To mark the arrival of the iPhone 8 in Malaysia, Celcom is offering the device at RM99 or RM999. There are no further details on this promotion but you can expect it to be tied with a 24-month FIRST Postpaid contract. To recap, the iPhone 8 is currently offered from as low as RM1,748 on its FIRST Platinum Plus plan (RM188/month) which comes with unlimited calls, SMS, 100GB of high-speed data and 100GB of Video Walla.

It’s happening from 8am this Friday, at Celcom’s Blue Cube Iconic store in Sunway Pyramid. For a better shot of getting the RM99 deal, you might want to be there much earlier than that.

Want to know which telco has the best iPhone 8 contract offer? You can check out our iPhone 8 Malaysian Telco Plan comparison. Outright, the iPhone 8 is priced from RM3,649 while the iPhone 8 Plus is priced from RM4,149. You can check out the full pricelist over here.

Alexander Wong