iOS 11.0.3 fixes unresponsive touch screen issue on iPhone 6s

Posted:  October 12, 2017   By:    4 comments   

iOS 11.0.3 update

Apple has just pushed out its latest iOS 11.0.3 update for the iPhone and iPad. If you’re having touch-screen issues after upgrading to iOS 11, Apple finally has a fix for you.

According to the update description, iOS 11.0.3 will address an issue where the touch screen isn’t responsive on some iPhone 6s display. This is due to screen replacements using non-genuine Apple parts.

Apple also warns that non-original displays would have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly.

Apart from that, iOS 11.0.3 also promises to fix an issue on audio and haptic feedback for iPhone 7/7 Plus. To download iOS 11.0.3, just go into Settings > General > Software Update.

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4 Comments for iOS 11.0.3 fixes unresponsive touch screen issue on iPhone 6s


a lot of apps can't be open suddenly crash and restart.


Use ios beta on ip6s. seem less likely have issue.


And can you believe that Apple Malaysia is still selling this crap for RM2,249 for 6S & RM2,749 for 6S Plus? Sheep will always be sheep… until they die off (aka "no more money").

Poor Apple having increasingly being pushed to the fringes of the niche luxury market. When westerners are starting to feel the pain of a $1,000 iPhone, you know that Apple is in trouble. But what can they do, when their innovative drive is running out of steam & their manufacturing know-how has long deserted them?


    this crap still able to perform better than most of the latest smartphone tho, and westerner dint feel the pain, only poorshit like you used to imagine everyone poor like u and give such stupid assumption