The Samsung Galaxy Note FE might be coming to Malaysia very soon

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Samsung Galaxy Note FE

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy Note FE is officially announced for Malaysia. Available 25 October.

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is the latest and greatest Note you can buy right now. However, for those who still love the S Pen but don’t want to fork out close to RM4,000, there’s another alternative model that you might want to consider.

Remember the Galaxy Note Fan Edition? It looks like it’s coming to Malaysia real soon.

According to Mdroid, they have stumbled upon an interesting smartphone on Yes 4G’s list of LTE supported devices. You’ll notice that a Note FE is shown next to the Note8 with a bubble “NEW”. Since Yes usually lists official Malaysian units, this is a strong indication that it could be offered officially very soon. The device with the model number SM-N935F has already passed certification in Indonesia.

In case you missed it, the Note FE or also known as the Fan Edition is the repackaged Galaxy Note7 with a new battery that has undergone their rigorous safety checks. After the ill-fated Galaxy Note7, Samsung took the effort to minimise wastage by using unopened and unused parts of last year’s Galaxy Note7 for the new Fan Edition.

To recap, the Galaxy Note FE is identical to the Galaxy Note7. It has a 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED display with dual curved edges and it runs on an Exynos 8890 processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. You get the same cameras as the Galaxy S7/S7 edge with a 12MP f/1.7 main camera and a front-facing 5MP selfie shooter.

Unlocking the Note FE on the table is easier too as it has the traditional home button with embedded fingerprint sensor. It also gets an Iris scanner which is similar to the one you’ll find on their latest Galaxy S8/Note8. The Fan Edition comes with an S Pen stylus that has a 0.7mm tip and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity which is similar to the current Note8. On top of that, it has IP68 water resistance, wireless charging support and Samsung Pay.

The biggest difference, of course, is its battery. Instead of a 3,500mAh unit on the original Galaxy Note7, the Fan Edition gets a smaller 3,200mAh battery instead. It also supports adaptive fast charging via USB Type-C.

There are no details on the local price and availability at the moment but we won’t be surprised if Yes would be offering the Note FE on contract. When it was announced in South Korea, it was going for 699,600 Won (about RM2,591) with just 400,000 units available.

Thanks @KevinNgTK for the tip!


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18 Comments for The Samsung Galaxy Note FE might be coming to Malaysia very soon


androids always try to cover every tier.
somehow they know their product won't be universally accepted.
this is what we see with cheapo brands.
that includes u too Sammy.


    Correct. That is why Apple suddenly selling iPhone 6 from 2014 because they are confident their fans will only buy their expensive iPhone 8. Everyone knows iPhone 8 doing so well until the stores overcrowded until stampede when it open.


    If Android was exclusively for Google only, it would still overkill Apple, regardless of your assumptions. From the sales chart alone which is from real data, fyi. Samsung, alone has outsell Apple and Huawei is catching close to Apple’s sales and will likely overtake apple for the 2nd spot. This is just Samsung btw, if you are to include other brands that I have not mentioned, it’s already a clear overkill.

    And Android was meant to be Open Source from day one unlike IOS. If you know what that means, you’ll know why many brands run Android.


    Iphone 8 try copy incident happen to Note 7 in last year. More cases on iphone 8 battery swelling. Do you think another safety recall?.


This model is not selling well overseas. Selling price is below RM 2,000.


    Says who? Your mother ah?


I a user for both IOS and Android btw.. It was just stating factual things. Were you emotional compelled to give such comment rather than a mature reply?


boleh naik flight ke?

    Capt Strange

    ada orang check telefon masa naik flight ke?

      James Liew

      when they X-Ray us will check.
      during last time they hold me,
      had to put the phone to safebox around airport and get back when return.

    Mohd Azmir

    I just bought but it’s korean version. No problem at all when at the KLIA 2 airport.


Don’t mind getting one if Samsung priced it right around 2K price tag

note 7 supporter

Note 7 is one of the best phone, unfortunately the explosion cases happened last year cause the Note 7 recalled and finally halted.

Note 7 FE is a worth waiting phone if price around or below RM 2,000. I’m waiting for it so long since Korea launch early this year.

Hopefully it will lauching in the month of October.

HP. Enthusiast

Will consider to buy it if it is priced below RM2500, furthermore, Samsung Note 8 is disappointing this year.

If not, better wait for another one more year for Samsung Note 9 with expected to be embedded fingerprint scanner on the display.


    As a user of note series since note 2 till 8, inclusive of exploded 7 series, my comment is note 8 provide the best battery juice , last enough for 1 day use. I am using iPhone 7 plus, redmi notes as well. If I apply the same usage pattern, note 8 can last enough for daily use, still lose out a bit to iPhone 7 plus.
    For note 7, depends on how heavy you use the phone. I will get one if price around RM2000 and less, because it will easily out of battery if I use it as my main handset.suitable to complement as a supplementary phone.


Selling an old model and problematic one which might be stopped at airport entry….

Bet it no longer be supported on new ROM releases then after nougat….