Security fix now available for TM UniFi subscribers with D-Link DIR-850L router

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D-Link DIR-850L Firmware TM UniFI

Last month it was reported that a couple of D-Link routers were found to have a security vulnerability. This includes the cylinder DIR-850L router that’s bundled by TM UniFi and TIME Broadband.

If you’re a TM UniFi subscriber with the router, as shown above, the much-awaited firmware update has finally arrived.

D-Link had earlier released its new firmware for retail and this new version is catered for DIR-850L units that came with your TM UniFi installation.

According to the changelog, this firmware will add “@unifi” for your wireless SSID. It isn’t clear if it will retain your existing settings so you probably might need to reconfigure your WiFi SSID and password after the update. Included in the zip file is a PDF guide which gives you step by step instructions on how to upgrade your DIR-850L firmware.

The firmware for both retail and TM versions can be found here. It is recommended that you proceed only if you have your TM UniFi username/password with you. If you don’t have those details, you can call up TM’s customer service hotline at 100 for assistance. It is best to update your router’s firmware via a desktop web browser.

To recap, the security risk for these D-Link routers was brought to light by Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency and IMDA in a joint statement. If exploited, hackers can take control of your router without having to know your username and password, which would put your information at risk. Before the new firmware was released, users were urged to disable WAN remote admin as a temporary solution. You can read the full advisory here.


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2 Comments for Security fix now available for TM UniFi subscribers with D-Link DIR-850L router

CS Tan

TM – what an absolute nightmare of a firmware update. Every devices previously configured are unable to connect to the router with the updated firmware. My repeater, printers and other wireless devices had to be reconfigured. All because TM seized this opportunity to advertise Unifi by forcing all updated routers to broadcast all SSID with @unifi.

Disgusted with TM

Adding @unifi is a very good example of not taking into consideration the customers‘ effort required. A true reflection of how monopoly makes a company such as TM to be arrogant. My suggestion to everyone is to take this opportunity to hide your router SSID.