Apple squashes more bugs with iOS 11.0.2

Posted:  October 4, 2017   By:    15 comments   

Apple iOS 11.02

Still having issues after updating to iOS 11.0.1? Apple has released another new software update that carries the version number 11.0.2.

According to the description, this update will address the cracking sound issue during voice calls on the iPhone 8/8 Plus. It also fixes the issue where some photos are hidden. It also solves the problem where some encrypted email attachments wouldn’t open.

To download iOS 11.0.2, just go into Settings > General > Software Update. How’s your experience with iOS 11 so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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15 Comments for Apple squashes more bugs with iOS 11.0.2


apple motto now = update to fix bugs and give another new bugs


Did the update and now both my old phone and brand new phone won’t charge. Nice fix for iPhone 8 but now the rest of us have dead phones.


Battery Time Issue Increasing after update the 11.02

Mate 10 Ferrari

After using ip5, ip6, each update slow down the phone, change to latest ip the lagging issue solved. Give Apple a chance use ip7+ but things seem similar, planned obsolete by Apple force users to buy latest device. No more bitten fruit brand in my house. Bye bye Ip


I can’t call people & use the speaker. And when I say “hey Siri” and then continue to talk, all it registers in hearing me say is “hey Siri”. Ugh

Kimberly Stevens

After new update, I can’t access my photos in Facebook, Instagram and another app I have!! Facebook tells me to allow access to photos in settings >Facebook >photos, “photos “ not listed to allow! Soooo frustrated

shawn fuller

This is my 2nd ip7+ in 1 week…. I keep getting “The Black Screen Of Death” they told me they could not give me another phone to just wait for the next update and it should fix the issue but after reading the comments, I would say I won’t be updating…..this is probably my last iphone

Dami Lola

Using a vpn on IPhone 6 won’t indicate if the vpn is connected or not on the screen , that’s very bad


Can’t text to anyone in my phone library from my iPhone 6 Plus , it goes to text message but does not open a text box for sending a message ,nice fix . Once again Apple dumps bugs on us without beta testing and you want how much for the new phone.


This is the worst and I hate it. Battery sucks. Constant buffering according to the top lect of my screen. Last iphone ever. Garbage.

Battery bulging after upgrade

Battery will overcharge after the upgrade causing swallen battery


11.02 still dragning my batteri and lag. i have a iPhone 6s Plus.

This is the worst shit OS


using i5 SE. since both upgrades the screen doesn't mute during phone use and my ear is constantly changing settings etc. is making the phone almost useless as a business tool


Updated to this last night on my iPhone7. Voice texting no longer works. Unacceptable setback in my opinion

Kornvika W

iOS 11.02 not stable at all. Typing delayed, head phone not working, apps shut down it’selves, etc