Xiaomi shipped over 10 million smartphones last month

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Xiaomi has achieved a new major milestone when it shipped over 10 million smartphones for the month of September. This is a record high for the Chinese smartphone maker that’s known for selling high-spec phones at lower price points.

The announcement was made by Leijun on Weibo and Xiaomi is still trying hard to keep up with demand. This marks a huge comeback from last year where it only shipped 58 million units.

According to the last IDC global smartphone report for Q2 2017, Xiaomi has finally regained its entry onto the Top 5 list with a total of 23.2 million units shipped between April and June 2017. As Xiaomi expands its reach to more countries while expanding its offline presence with Mi physical stores, it looks like they have a good chance of staying put among the top 5 throughout the remainder of the year. Just a few weeks ago, Xiaomi had sold more than a million smartphones in just two days during the India festive sale.

Apart from Samsung, Apple and Huawei, Xiaomi also competes fiercely with the likes of OPPO and vivo which have substantial marketing budget. With its current product lineup and provided they can make enough phones, it is possible that Xiaomi might achieve a new annual milestone of shipping over 80 million smartphones for the full year.

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