There are incidents of iPhone 8 Plus batteries swelling up

iPhone 8 battery swelling

The iPhone 8/8 Plus went on sale for about a week now and it is available at first wave countries including Australia, China and Singapore. Now there are reports of battery issues in Taiwan and Japan which causes the iPhone 8 Plus to pop right open.

According to a Chinese report, a lady by the name of Ms. Wu had purchased a gold iPhone 8 Plus 64GB with a monthly instalment plan on 26 September. After just 3 days of owning it, her phone starts to crack right open after charging it for about 3 minutes.

It was reported that her iPhone 8 Plus had about 70% of battery remaining and she had used the original charging brick and lightning cable as shown above. The swollen battery had expanded the front part of the phone but the screen appears to be working from the video. The affected phone was returned to the dealer and it is believed that Apple had collected the device for further investigation.

There’s also a similar incident in Japan which had occurred last Sunday. A silver iPhone 8 Plus had popped open out of the box which is likely to have happened during transportation. At least, the battery didn’t catch fire and it only swelled up like the incident above.

While these incidents might sound scary, it is worth noting that these are just two out of probably hundreds of thousands of units sold in its first week. Swelling can occur with defective batteries and it usually happens with older phones. The iPhone 5 had a known battery defect for some of its units and Apple did offer a free battery replacement worldwide.

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Alexander Wong