Hotlink now offers up to 46GB of data with unlimited calls

Hotlink RED Pass

Hotlink has just revamped its mobile internet plans which now comes with more data than before. With just RM60/month, you can get up to 46GB of high-speed data plus unlimited calls to all networks.

The new Hotlink RED Pass comes with 3 new monthly plans. If you need a lot of data and make lots of calls, the highest option of RM60 gives you 8GB of high-speed data and voice unlimited calls. In case you’re wondering, the unlimited calls cover calls to Maxis, other telcos and fixed lines, except for special numbers which include 1-300 and 1-800 numbers.

If you don’t make voice calls, you can subscribe 8GB of data at RM45/month. Moving down a notch is 5GB at RM35/month. For those who only want to top up exactly RM30/month, they are still offering their previous 2GB monthly data option for RM30/month. However, they do recommend that you subscribe to their new RM35 monthly option as you are getting more than double the data for just RM5 extra.

As usual, the remaining 38GB comes from their Happy Hour and Free weekend data offer. Happy Hour gives you free 1GB data for one hour daily which you can now use at any time of the day, not just 7AM to 7PM. On top of that, you’ll get free 1GB/day on Saturday and Sundays for life but this is only applicable on their 4G network.

There are also weekly plans of 1GB for RM10, 500MB for RM8 and RM5 for 150MB. Meanwhile, you can still get 1GB/day for RM3.

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Overall, Maxis is offering more data than before but it seems that they are encouraging you to spend at least RM35/month to enjoy better value. Below is their previous internet plan for your reference:

For more info, visit Hotlink’s RED Pass page.

Alexander Wong