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There’s now a 3G version of the Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 3G Version

As more networks are shutting down their 2G networks, the throwback Nokia 3310 phone is becoming less useful in more places. Even if you do get 2G connectivity, browsing on GPRS (without EDGE) is painfully slow in this day and age.

To ensure that the Nokia 3310 stays relevant for those who want it, HMD Global has just announced a 3G version and it even comes with several new colours.

The Nokia 3310 3G is an updated phone which retains the same classic design but it comes with some subtle tweaks. The phone now has a matte finish and it is available in Yellow, Warm Red, Azure and Charcoal. Staying true to the original, the keypads are now in silver and they have increased the spacing slightly for better comfort. The interface is slightly tweaked as well with customisable themes. Another major upgrade is its internal storage where the 3G version is now bumped up from 16MB to 64MB. If you need more, it supports microSD expansion up to 32GB.

Nokia 3310 2G vs Nokia 3310 3G
With added 3G radios, it can deliver faster internet experience while maintaining a long battery life. According to the spec-sheet, the Nokia 3310 3G has two versions – One with dual-band GSM with 3G bands of 900MHz and 2100MHz, while the other version supports quad-band GSM with 3G bands of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz. It only mentions 3G as its network speed so it could be the base 3G (without HSPA) that supports up to 384kbps downloads.

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With the same 1,200mAh battery, the Nokia 3310 3G has a maximum standby time of up to 27 days for Single SIM and 24 days for the Dual SIM variant. Both versions boast a talk time of up to 6.5 hours from a single charge. That’s less compared to the 2G version that is rated to push up to 31 days of standby and 22.1 hours of talk time.

The Nokia 3310 3G will retail at €69 (about RM343) and it will roll out beginning mid-October. As a comparison, the current 2G only version was launched at €49 and it went on sale in Malaysia at RM239. You can check out the 3310 3G product page here.

So, how many of you bought the Nokia 3310 for old times’ sake?

Alexander Wong