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Having bugs with iOS 11? Here’s another new update

Posted:  September 27, 2017   By:    14 comments   

iOS 11.01 Download

A week after iOS 11 is rolled out officially, Apple has just released another new software update that carries the version 11.01. This is a minor update that comes with your usual security and bug fixes for your iPhone and iPad.

According to ArsTechnica, iOS 11.01 will address an Exchange Email server bug which prevents emails from being sent through Outlook.com, Office 365 or other Exchange Server 2016 configurations. There are reports that iOS 11 causes unnecessary battery drain but so far we have no issues with our iOS devices.

If you had faced any problems after upgrading to iOS 11, you should update your software now. To do so, just go into Settings > General > Software Update. So how’s your experience with iOS 11? Let us know if you have any issues in the comments below.

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14 Comments for Having bugs with iOS 11? Here’s another new update


Thanks Soyacincau for the heads up.

iphone 6s + draining battery
iphone SE – not charging even ori charger/cable, only can charge using ipad charger.

hope this solves both the issues.


    my SE doesn't have any issue on batt charging, but problem while switching apps especially Whatsapp.

    Problem usually occurs when iOS update. =.=


have problem with few apps .. suddenly froze and restart by itself.
battery so far so good but the screen is automatically adept to with the light exposure df surrounding even it dont have the 'True Tone' future.

Please Apple improve this madness.

    Black Beard

    Can turn off auto-brightness in Settings-Accessibility-Display Accommodations-Auto Brightness

Morrigan Aensland

My iphone 6s ‘s screen was not responsive to touch and I couldn’t even log in my passcode after it first boot into ios 11. What a load of crap coming from Apple >:o


    I'm guessing you had your screen replaced before? If you did what you can do is DFU reset the phone, and downgrade to iOS 10.3.3, I managed to get my friend's iPhone 6S screen working again after the software downgrade. Apparently some of the non-original replacement screen doesn't work with iOS 11.

so scared

probably shud wait for further fix.
I'm still currently on iOS 10
still scared to update my iPhone 6SPlus


cool it man.
fixes are coming…..
even babies got teething problems




    I assume you've had your screen replaced before? You can try downgrading the software to iOS 10.3.3. I've helped a friend with iPhone 6S downgrade the software and the touchscreen works again, hope that helps!


If you withhold your phone number sometimes it does and sometimes it doesent


after upgraded to ios 11, my iphone 6+ battery performance looks better and last long.

Daves Question

where is the text on the bottom grey bar below the icon?


After updating to 11.01, my iPhone 6's battery power drains quickly. What is even MORE ANNOYING, is that when I use the microphone to speak a text, it won't switch over to keyboard without using home button and going back to text screen. It takes forever, and is very unsatisfactory to me!