TM UniFi gets a new look and offers free WiFi to all

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TM new UniFi look

After webe rebrands itself to UniFi, TM is now giving its UniFi brand a whole new look. The brand refresh was just unveiled by Prime Minister Najib Razak at Menara Telekom.

On top of that, TM will be announcing new UniFi broadband packages that are designed for students and technopreneurs. The plans would be called UniFi Edu and UniFi eBiz with download speeds up to 100Mbps along with access to [email protected] and Webe Mobile. There is no further info on the plans and TM is expected to reveal more at a separate event.

In the meantime, TM is offering free access to [email protected] which has over 4,000 hotspots nationwide. The wifi access provides download speeds up to 4Mbps and it will be available for free from now until 31 December 2017. It’s also very affordable with a going rate of just 10 sen per hour.

To connect, just access the “[email protected]” hotspot and follow the instructions on your web browser. You can learn more from their website here.

What do you think of the new logo? Let us know in the comments below.

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17 Comments for TM UniFi gets a new look and offers free WiFi to all


rehashing brand with no substance like mentioned is as good as nothing great…. hehehe..


Rebrand name only ? Got improve the network coverage and able to cover as wide as possible ? Support with upload and dowyspeed and see?


What is this.. can you please solve customer issues than resorting to lawyers and hire cold loan sharks and dragging our bills with no solution when we as customers kept visiting yr wanna solve and close issues.already reported skmm and you only wanna drag the bill..


I can only think of u mobile after seeing the new logo


Good that TM UniFi is flooding the market with another option for us consumers. Let's just hope that the old-time big players viz. Maxis and Celcom could get their sh** together. Maxis has one of the worst coverage and even new timer e.g. UMobile could provide a better coverage and stability for their 4G LTE network in big city.


    LOL, am I read right? Maxis = Worst coverage while U Mobile the best? I guess you need to recalibrate your brain.


    Working as a network admin, I can say that Unifi is miles ahead of Maxis. Unifi may be slow in responding to issues sometimes, but Maxis outright refuses to acknowledge they have issues. I’ve had to roll back Maxis Broadband in two of the three buildings I administer!


haha, what a joke design on the new logo



Can't find the 'i-foundit!' app in the AppStore. They didn't even provide the link in the UniFi page advertising this app…


What a load of crap..can't even get their old streamyx broadband to provide consistent speed & stability & also can't even get unifi to a lot of places after request for over 6 years… now want to market/ rebrand unifi..somemore free hotspot?! What is that a joke??.. can't even provide paid users good service yet they now wanna give "free" service..will it be any good.. you tell me. This shit company better let go of their monopoly on the market let someone better provide the consumer with better more consistant & cheaper service…


It looks like the masterchef logo

Ah Keyu Chiu

What happen to the free upgrade of 5Mb to 10Mb unifi . It is now end of sept. They said it will be done before july ? Anyone has your upgraded free as promised?


    Yeap got mine from 20 mbps to 50 Mbps both account


      did not get the free upgrade 10 to 30 Mbps as promised. end up terminate unifi last month. now only depends on mobile data




Regret to upgrade 10Mbps to 30Mbps cos now we have to pay for all our calls at 20sen/minute. Before it was free calls nationally. This is what I regret.

Anuar Tan

Malaysians are really gullible . Just use your brains lah . If Telekom offered wifi at 10 cents then their Unifi business will go bankrupt . Stupid bloody fools .