It looks like best e-commerce site for electronics has shut down

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If you’re from Malaysia and you buy stuff online, you would probably know of sites like Lazada and 11street. They’re known for big deals and relatively low prices on a wide range of products including electronics and gadgets.

But if you’re really hunting for the best deals on gadgets and electronics, those in the know, know that there is one website that sells most of these items more affordably than anywhere else. It’s called GEMFIVE and today is a sad day because it looks like our favourite e-commerce site is dead.

At the time of this article’s writing, if you head to GEMFIVE’s website, you’ll find that it has stopped working. Nothing loads. Even their application doesn’t seem to be working and if you search for their social media pages, you will also find that they’ve all been removed.

This discovery comes courtesy of Facebook user GRexer Lee, who documented it on his Facebook page.

Honestly, this news is pretty upsetting. Although it never really gained the kind of widespread recognition the likes of Lazada and 11street received, GEMFIVE was always the place we went to when we wanted to look for great deals on electronics. I remember they sold smartphones like the HTC 10 and Huawei P9 at prices that were almost laughably low. Add that to the fact that you could use a one of their monthly discount codes (up to RM300) on top of the already discounted price and you could buy phones like the iPhone 7 at a price nobody could beat.

What’s more, it isn’t just limited to smartphones. I personally bought half of my entire desktop PC from GEMFIVE — because it was so much cheaper — and one of the best deals I had was on my MSI GTX1060 6G T OC graphics card which I snagged for just a hair over RM1,000.

That said, we can’t really say we didn’t see this coming. GEMFIVE scaled their operations down earlier this year, ditching electronics to focus more on baby products and cosmetics. Now, it looks like the Hong Leong Bank backed e-commerce site has finally bit the dust.

It was a fun ride, GEMFIVE, may you rest in peace.


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8 Comments for It looks like best e-commerce site for electronics has shut down


Their delivery timing sucks. No standard and blaming shipper for delays. Bad experience with them.

RIP gemfive

Few weeks back I received call from GEMfive. They tried to sell me Hong Leong Insurance plan.

    Sous dumb

    Well genfive was from the Son of Hong Leong group founder


good memories in this website, punture delivery, best price in town, last time when ip7 offer, i get the ip7 128 below 3k, i think now also cant get this price .

my mi5 64 gb ap set also from this website . both unit works well til now.

others stuff like key board, mouse, food, casing, battery also from there.


good. about time. service sucks and very damn slow delivery.

David Su

i bought something at GemFive, the credit card was never used, once used for payment at GemFive, it was fraud via other channel MAS airline after 1 month.


Omg. I didn’t realised they are closed . I still have credits in there . Any idea what I can do?