SoyaCincau’s ULTIMATE flagship smartphone camera comparison

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This post was originally published on 7th September 2017. It has been updated with the final results.

If there’s one thing people like more than getting new smartphones/gadgets/toys, it’s finding out that their smartphone/gadget/toy is better than everyone else’s. It’s human nature, or maybe just our egos, but the desire to turn everything into a stick measuring contest has been in our blood for generations.

Well, if one of the sticks you want to measure is your flagship smartphone’s camera performance, this article is for you. You seemed to love our last camera comparison, so we’re doing it again, only this time there’s a twist.

There will still be six participating smartphones, though some of the competition has been updated:

1. Samsung Galaxy S8+
2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
3. Huawei P10 Plus
4. HTC U11
5. OnePlus 5
6. Xiaomi Mi 6

Yes, there is no Galaxy Note8 on the list because, at the time this test took place, we didn’t have that smartphone yet. But, with the exception of the secondary zoom lens, the Note8 has pretty much the same camera as the Galaxy S8+ so we think it’s a fair substitute.

We’ve also added another test to the list of different scenarios:

1. Colour reproduction
2. Dynamic range
3. Low light
4. Macro ability
5. Portrait Mode
6. Sharpness
7. Lossless Zoom
8. Selfie

This time, though, we’re mixing things up a little because we want you, the readers, to actually pick a winner for the best smartphone camera. In the second page of this article, we’ve set up a blind test that we’d like all of you to take and we will leave this test up for a whole week before we come back to it and tabulate the results.

Let the games begin!

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15 Comments for SoyaCincau’s ULTIMATE flagship smartphone camera comparison

Asus fan

where is the zenfone 3 zoom?

Asus fan

where is asus zenfone 3 zoom?


I feel the Pixel (or XL) should have been in this as its still very relevant vs 2017s flagships, probably second only to the U11 as of right now, at least until the Pixel 2 launches next month. Exciting times for mobile photography, also looking forward to what Apple has in store.


can't allow Pixel or LG coz they're not used here.
fair comparison IMHO


It has come to a stage ppl purchase mobile phones by looking at camera as one of priority and makers are rushing to beat each other.

No maker yet launch a phone with super clarity phone calls at any bandwidth, maybe like av equipment adjust bass or treble for voice.


Where is the result?

HP. Enthusiast

Interesting, no wonder most pictures that is seen “greater” a little bit is a Leica lenses from Huawei P10 Plus. They should do something about the zoom anyway.

However, eMMC ve UFS 2.1 scandal making a trouble to choose this phone. Huawei CEO wants us to gamble if you got UFS you’re lucky but if you got eMMC then call it a day, we reject.

No Huawei P10, no problem. We still have a Samsung Galaxy S8 to choose or other phones not in the list here.


Can’t wait for the apple fanboys to come in here and meroyan…


    I think its been awhile now that apple fanboys have known that their product has been behind the competition. And no, ipx ain’t gonna help.


    They lost the game many yrs ago. Samsung n some chinese makers came out with superior yet cheaper phones like there’s no tomorrow. Was a fanboy, really loved iOS but has lost interest recently. The iphone X just confirmed that Apple’s really losing the plot.


Sony XZ premium or XZs are not flagship?

Mate 10 Ferrari

Good news for Apple fan, you can now download app via mobile network up to 150mb, 50% increase from previous 100mb, dun have to argue whether iphone camera can produce watchable photo or not, Samsung and Huawei leica and Nokia zeiss already thrown iphone 10 years ahead in photography department and iphone slower at least 5 years in technology after Steve Job gone.


This post is sponsored by Huawei.


    The results are tabulated from a poll conducted online through a blind test. Any sponsored content on SoyaCincau will be declared upfront on the very first line and this isn’t sponsored by any brand.


actually i have to agree with you … most trendy or popular artist is using iphone resolution is not that important anymore.. in the end .. it's the person who in the picture..if you are attractive you can use any lousy camera and still people praise and adore your picture.. but if U're ugly then the world will mock you …or create meme using your picture..So let's not be bias and lets agree Apple or Android it's still the same, only u make it different.