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If you’re using a D-Link DIR-850L router for UniFi, here’s what TM has to say


It was recently reported that there’s a security risk involving several D-Link wireless routers. If it is compromised, hackers can install malicious firmware which would put your information at risk.

After the issue came to light, TM has issued a statement and basically, most TM UniFi customers should have nothing to worry about.

As reported by TheStar, TM has investigated the security vulnerability of the D-Link DIR-850L router and they found that the remote management feature has been disabled by default. This would prevent hackers from taking control of the routers remotely. For users who have switched this feature on, TM wants you to disable it immediately.

In addition, TM advises its customers to use strong passwords to protect their WiFi network from being compromised. D-Link Malaysia has issued its own security advisory and they will be releasing a new firmware update by Friday, 22 September 2017. TM says it might take another two weeks to test this new firmware fully to ensure that it is safe and compatible for its UniFi services.

TIME broadband is also using the same DIR-850L router for some of its plan bundles. They have also issued a security notice and have advised all affected customers to disable remote management while waiting for a new firmware update. You can check out the instructions here.

If you’re a TM UniFi customer using the same cylinder modem above, we still strongly advise you to check if your remote management is currently turned off. Apart from this DIR-850L model, there are other 3 D-Link routers affected and you can check the list here.

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Alexander Wong