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Xpax lets you own the Galaxy Note8 at RM238/month

Posted:  September 19, 2017   By:    7 comments   

Samsung Galaxy Note8 EasyPhone Xpax

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 can be yours outright or you can get it via postpaid contract. If you don’t want to commit to an expensive postpaid plan with hefty upfront payments, the Galaxy Note8 is now available on Xpax at RM238/month.

On EasyPhone, you can get a brand new smartphone with 24-month installments with no upfront payment or credit card required. The financing for EasyPhone is handled by AEON Credit.

As an EasyPhone user, you’ll also receive RM30 of credit each month, which would keep your prepaid active throughout the 24-month period. This is already included in your RM238/month installment fee for the Galaxy Note8.

To apply, you’ll need to submit a copy of your IC, bank account information, one-month salary slip and 3 months bank or EPF statement. For business owners, you are required to submit your business registration certification, Form B, tax payment receipt and 6 months bank statements. If you’re interested, you can sign up online on Xpax EasyPhone.

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7 Comments for Xpax lets you own the Galaxy Note8 at RM238/month


Damn expensive. RRP RM3772.64. After full installation payment, total RM5712. Difference Rm1939.36. Can bought one more Honor 8 Pro..insane!


RM238 X RM24 = RM5712

RM5712 – RM3772.64 (RRP) = 1939.36 (PLAN)

RM1939.36/24mth = RM80.80/mth

For RM80.80 per month you only get RM30 prepaid. Sound good to me.

Better buy mia1 and sign up for digi unlimited plan.


    RM50 is for AEON as interest, RM0.80 is for celcom. There goes the extra money you paid. Seems good, for RM50/m you can buy face and confidence.

    For 6 months, most.


After 6 months you will stuck with the scratched old phone, like your 9 years hire purchase myvi, and hate yourself for that.


RM 238 x 24 = RM5712 – Total price you be paying for 2 years

RM 30 x 24 = RM720 – Total fee you pay for line

Then when you subtract the total price of 2 years with monthly fee.

RM5217 – RM720 = RM 4497

RM4497 is the price you be pay for Note 8 under this scheme, RM497 more than the retail price.


    it's RM5712. not RM5217! the extra is RM993 for interest.


Need to fotostat paylips like applying car loan to buy a PHONE??! Buy with credit card zero interest installments at 11street lah if u really nak sangat. Takde credit card? Wake yourself up by slapping your own face and buy the g*dd*mn rm1k mi1A. U dont need to buy such an expensive phone.