If you don’t like Bixby, Samsung finally has a fix for you

Posted:  September 19, 2017   By:    7 comments   

Disable Bixby Button by Samsung

Love it or hate it, Samsung’s Bixby assistant is still here to stay. The extra button found on the Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 makes it easier to trigger Bixby but there are those who find it annoying as it is often mistaken for the volume down button.

For those who don’t want to use this feature, Samsung has finally released an official solution. You can finally disable the one press Bixby key after receiving a software update.

To get this feature, just launch Bixby (single press on the Bixby key) and check if you have received any software update notification on the top right of the screen. Once you’ve updated to the latest version, you should see there’s a new gear icon on the top right of the screen.

This will let you disable/enable launching Bixby when you press its dedicated button. Alternatively, you can find this setting under Bixby Settings > Bixby key.

Do note that long pressing the Bixby button will still summon the Bixby voice assistant. At least, that’s harder to trigger compared to a single press.


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7 Comments for If you don’t like Bixby, Samsung finally has a fix for you

orang biasa

Can make it totally shutdown bixby? Don’t want run at background or even can uninstall it.


    Yes. You can exchange for a much superior Apple phone without any silly app draining your battery.

    Harriett Deiss

    Want it turned off very annoying. Its driving me crazy please help.


after disable Bixby following the steps, and i also opt to disable Bixby Voice from the setting. Bixby voice is gone too even i long press the button. However, i couldn't find a way to re-enable Bixby, i hv tried using Search.


To disable bixby requires to login samsung account, useless


    Ikr. Stupid iPhone also insist I have Apple ID before using. Stop forcing people to sign in. We just want to use the phone.

Harriett Deiss

I think is total bull crap ya should be able to choose what you want on your phone to be unable . If I would have realized in time I would take this dam phone back.