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The iPhone 8 / 8 Plus have smaller batteries than iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus Battery size

When it comes to Apple, they have always tried to make things simpler for the general consumer, up to a point that they don’t disclose key hardware details on their keynote or on their product pages. To find out how much RAM and exactly how big its battery capacity is, we usually have to wait for tear downs or benchmarks from the final device. This time, we are able to get a peek through a certification in China.

Thanks to TENAA’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus listing, we kinda know how much battery capacity these new models are packing. The iPhone 8 is listed with a 1,821mAh battery which is 7% smaller than the iPhone 7’s 1,960mAh battery. Meanwhile the iPhone 8 Plus gets a 2,675mAh unit which is about 8% smaller than last year’s iPhone 7 Plus that came with 2,900mAh.

Also revealed is the amount of RAM that you’ll be getting. The 4.7″ iPhone 8 comes with 2GB of RAM while the bigger 5.5″ iPhone 8 Plus gets 3GB RAM.

So does that mean you’re getting shorter battery life with 7%-8% less capacity? According to Apple you should be able to get the same battery usage as last year’s models. That’s partly due to its newer A11 Bionic chip that’s based on a more efficient 10nm process. Compared to last year’s 16nm A10 Fusion chip, Apple claims that the new A11 Bionic offers 25% faster CPU and up to 30% GPU while being more frugal on power.

The good news is that both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can now support fast charging with 0-50% charge in just 30 minutes. However, you don’t enjoy that out of the box and you’ll need to spend at least RM348 extra to get started.

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