Webe is no more and here’s what is going to happen

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TM kills off webe brand

Webe is one of Malaysia’s youngest telco and they came in with a promise to reimagine the mobile space. After having two LTE plans and appointed its third CEO in just two years, the webe name has finally come to an end.

On Malaysia Day which falls on 16 September 2017, TM and webe will making their next step in convergence. If you’re a webe user, you will soon notice that your network name next to your signal bar in your mobile device change from webe to unifi.

In terms of products and services, nothing will change and they are still continuing their current postpaid plan that offers unlimited data, calls and SMS on their 4G LTE network. At least, that’s what they say for now. So basically, TM is calling everything Unifi, from fixed broadband to wireless.

What do you think of this move? Is it a wise choice to rebrand its mobile LTE service to unifi? Let us know in the comments below.


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50 Comments for Webe is no more and here’s what is going to happen


This is because unifi still can’t get a good sambutan from msian. Lol

Zainal Md Yatim

Tukar baju saje. Lain semua sama. As long as they keep the promise, I have got no issue.


Crony company…


It would be great if Unifi home subscribers can use their WiFi outside of the house by automatically switching to the mobile data all under one competitive plan at low monthly payments.

Mohamad Isa bin Ahyar

Well, depends. If they want to streamline their services then go for it. As long as there is no hidden caveats and they keep their promise to their customers

Rafik Hussain M H

No issue. If they rebrand to Unifi as long as they stick to the contract. Who cares.


Kong pun Bo Yong


Lousy plan, now lousy brand….

Not a user

Who cares nama unifi ke, webe ke, best deals company ke, if coverage and speed not good useless also.

Megat american

Ini smua.. P1.. tukar bju je nama webe.. offce pn ofce P1.. plan xleh thathering… Dlm bnd4 kL bleh laa… luar kL perg keramat kepong hmm.. hampeh.. ke luar ngri penang johor smua tu xde pn..


    Ayat macam budak-budak WeChat.


    Rumah aku kat parit buntar tu 4g je,elok je.Dekat perhentian sungai perak pun 4g


      siapa duduk kat perhentian?. buat khemah kat perhentian nak pakai 4g webe.


    Bera laju beb ….even this place call kampong ….stream video online sokmo


Working in a multinational telecommunications company in the past, I agree with creating synonyms branding across your product portfolio. With that being said they still need to be differentiated in subcategories, i.e Unifi broadband, Unifi Mobile, etc…
There are positive and negative attributes to doing this. The positive being that webe can now be easily associated to it’s parent TM, so non technically minded and generally knowledge people will be able to make an association with an old, well represented brand, which will likely increase their subscribership. The negative would be if TM has a bad name in the marketplace or if people still associate it with its governmental and colonial affiliation of the past, although the younger generation wouldn’t care much for this, and they are a big key into growing a mobile operators subscription base, be it pre or post paid. It all boils down to a good go to market strategy.


Webe brand is not popular anyway. Everyone knows Unifi, but to many Unifi is fiber optic so it can be confusing too.

Should call it Unifi LTE to differentiate itself.


Sembang kuat
Line so slowly

Rose Thorn

Tukar the.Lai Shu Wei saje….. Boneka!


Webe ker…unifi ker…sama saja. Kalau d Sabah masih lembab. Dah 9 tahun usia unifi tp d Sabah masih tiada apa²

Zul Idris

I completely agree.

TM once again has put their feet in the customers’ shoes by doing this seamless branding and more importantly proposition.

Customers don’t care about what tech networks or platforms behind the their subscribed services – they want to send their Whatsapp images, update their Instagram and read their news in nano seconds. That’s all. (And of course, pay reasonable monthly fee for the comm service).

By smartly converging all these propositions into “one”, TM will be able to ensure seamless customer experience; which a lot of service providers aspire to do in today’s complex telco offerings.

Finally, I am looking forward to the day when network capacity (planning and utilisation) can be optimised between fixed and wireless. With converged webe and Unifi, once webe customer gets home their mobile needs/usage can be off-loaded to his Unifi network automatically without him noticing. Subsequently, wireless capacity can be freed to certain extent for the other webe wireless users’ use out there at that particular instant.


    Their service is rubbish to say the least !!! Tried contacting their line no.03-74508888 many times but the Operator never picks up.
    Get your act together before you even expand otherwise you are carrying the bad image to the new company. Typical government attitude


If all under one account, wonder if tm will suspend all if late in payment.


I just lol at your comments. It’s like kindergarten here. Hahaha.


what more to say….
this crony company is so screwed up that it gotta change names so many times…..

Bryan Chong

i am going for webe just because its new brand and my purpose to join was because it was not unifi, now they are pulling me back to the lousy brand again. stupid idea for webe to rebrand it to unifi..


Unifi is more recognisable. TM, please give me a plan under RM40


If the service is good, you can call it Longkang LTE for all I care. Otherwise I go back to Digi.


name unifi, speed got 30M or not?


    LTE speed can go much higher


whatever rebranding you had done, i still sticking with my digi infinite, much better than your suck coverage even in town area. #nowayback


I stay in Penang and until now my place no unifi coverage.


Coverage still poor even in KV. Tested in Puncak Jalil. Download highest only 2.1Mbps. Another Telco can get up to 30Mbps. Make worse customer service X reti respond. Semua pakai apology template. TM sell rubbish.


I felt cheated by webe with their misleading information ..

1. When they called offering webe SIM to existing TM customer, they failed to mention that it was phone dependant. Got the SIM only to find out it runs on specific LTE band. I refuse to change to a newer phone just for the sake of getting mere 4-5Mbps (read it on the net). Now i am only getting BEST EFFORT 3G which struggles to maintain above1.2Mbps

2. The person who called informed that the first month would be free. I reconfirmed and she said, first month will be FREE. Got the SIM on Aug 24th and on Sept 1st a RM105 bill awaits already .. Pftttt! When i asked over the online chat, they mention that its an ‘advanced’ payment. When asked advance for what, they were unable to answer in detail.

I am porting out of the misleading and cheating webe ..

Ahmad Afif Bin Isa

It is confusing. Now when people asks me what Telco I am using, and I answered by Unifi, people must be confused.


Patiently waiting for UniFi plan for smartphone. Is is going to be cheaper than RM79 or vice versa.


Webe of TM changed name? So it Proton, maybe "Geely" or "Geli" later? So is MAS, brand name no changed, company name changed, 6000 workers retrenched, than buying B787, B737 Max 10 new model pula?!! Suatu hari nanti, "FELDA", "1MDB" (changed ownership to Ministry of Finance) will changed to "FELDOFF" and "1MDB Pro"?!


So far everything works fine for me.. as long the service is still the same..i dont really care who is the company managing it..


    Not specific to anyone. I don’t support a brand that’s managed by crooks or discriminate people.


I’m still using P1..

What will happen then?


Just port out yesterday. Not a value for money service. Poor data service.

Azlina binti a.aziz

Hope tm will give free 10gb hotsport all the time if they really2 appreciate their customer not just till december only…if we ask all said that they register for webe because of all unlimited n 10gb free hotspot every month, its dont mention till december only….still hidden


Webe broadband the wors thing i have experoenced So a absolute easte sim card sitting idle two modem hanging in home all not good for webe atrociuos customervservive

E mail nor call s get respobse i will not touch webe broadband


I just started webe/unifi a few days ago. So far everything alright..line good, speed okay, hotspot great. Hopefully it continue like that or even better.

Ed Chang

I am a Webe user since they rebranded and was satisfied with the LTE speeds. Where I live it is about 10mbps average. But since Webe changed name to Unifi, I noticed a drastic drop in quality of LTE signal and speed. My line keeps dropping and average speed is now 3mbps.
Webe promised the sky but is Unifi used to bring Webe users back to the ground ?


    My line got capped too since Unifi. Before this Webe was 8-10mbps, nowadays less than 2mbps even at non-peak hours. Webe is giving degrade service. The only thing keeping me to use Webe is the free calls across networks. Raise the price RM1 more I will dump Webe.


If i may ask, the number can be the same as other number or completely not?


webe to unifi…if speed only 10mbps it a slowly 4g lte to compare all the telco


i’ve been using webe for 10 months. speed is good for LTE connection. got 10mbps with no problem. but since they change the name to unifi, it is very disappointing. speed never reach 2mbps. even 1.5mbps very hard. for now i will just until next month. if no improvement, im gonna switch to digi infinite. at least it is more worthy for the money i spend even i have to pay more. #disappointingwebe


I've using it for more than a year. Speed wise, fast but now since changed to unifi it slower than it used to. I really dont care if cannot hotspot to other. Those who need hotspot are cheapskates!

webe user

correct ler.. getting slow now.. bodo da sebis webe