Mi A1: The Xiaomi smartphone you’ve always wanted

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UPDATE: Malaysian availability revealed. It’s available for pre-order on 16 September.

Xiaomi launched a brand new “flagship” smartphone in India today and it’s called the Xiaomi Mi A1. You might be looking at this phone, thinking, isn’t this just a Mi 5X? Well, while you might be right based on the smartphone’s hardware, it’s a whole nother story when it comes to the device’s software.

Back in July, Xiaomi launched a handset called the Mi 5X which was basically the Redmi Note 4 with the Mi 6’s dual-camera setup. However, while that device runs MIUI, this new handset will be running stock Android.

On the hardware end of things, nothing much has changed. The Xiaomi Mi A1 has a 5.5-inch Full HD display up front with a Snapdragon 625 processor inside paired to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable internal storage. You also get the same 3,080 mAh battery inside (that charges via USB Type-C), which is a little disappointing.

Besides that, the Mi A1 comes with a dual-camera system that marries a telephoto lens and a regular lens much like the Mi 6 does. Both sensors are 12 megapixels and give the phone the capability to capture bokeh-fied “portrait mode” photos.

Xiaomi’s new phone also boasts audio prowess in the form of a DHS Audio Calibration Algorithm and a standalone audio amplifier.

It’s also draped in an all-metal body, weighing just 165g, that comes in three different colours — gold, rose gold and black. On the back, you’ll also find a fingerprint scanner for quick unlocks. To distinguish this phone from the Mi 5X, Xiaomi says they’re including a pyrolytic graphite sheet which improves heat dispersion and supposedly drops overall temperature by 2-degrees Celsius.

But that’s not all. Now we get to the handset’s trump card: Its software. This time, Xiaomi’s partnering with Android One on this project, which means that the Mi A1 will be powered by pure stock Android with a few pre-installed Xiaomi apps.

This also makes the Mi A1 one of the most powerful Android One smartphones yet. Since it’s running stock Android, Google says that the Mi A1 will receive at least two years of OS upgrades to the latest version of Android software. Google promises that the Mi A1 will be upgraded to Android Oreo before the end of the year and will be one of the first phones to get Android P.

Alongside the launch of the Mi A1, Google also said that they will be expanding Android One to beyond just the super-entry-level smartphones. In fact, they say it will span a broad range of devices and price points.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 will be priced at INR14,999 (around RM998). Although no date was announced, Xiaomi has revealed that they will indeed bring this handset to Malaysia. We will keep you updated on local availability when we hear more.

What do you guys think of the Mi A1? Is it the Xiaomi you’ve always been waiting for?

UPDATE: Xiaomi Malaysia has revealed that the Mi A1 will be hitting Malaysian shores through offline and online channels beginning late September.

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31 Comments for Mi A1: The Xiaomi smartphone you’ve always wanted


Great hardware and simple software. Kudos Xiaomi!..looking forward to buy here in Malaysia.


Woow, definitely great phone.
Hardware specifications with affordable price and stock Android with latest update

orang biasa

That a affordable price for stock Android phone in market and with mid spec. Hope mi bring in Malaysia.


This lovely. Time to ditch those expensive overpriced phones….


good job. xiaomi manage to slap those people who keep saying xiaomi dump outdated product in malaysia.


#ifan-price not important, spec, ram irrelevant#
#others-everyday nag abt price, spec, ram bla bla bla#
#Noble nation just pay and take, others keep comparing price, spec, ram#
Total different classification


Is 3000 mAh battery kinda low ?


    Well not that low yes but does present a substantial dilemma compared to Redmi Note 4.


I bought Xiaomi is because of MIUI… no MIUI no buying


11 Sep, watch out!!

Mi Mix 2 will make your jaws drop.


Been using Mi phones since Redmi series, starting from Redmi 1, Redmi Note, RN2, RN3 & now using Redmi Note 4, all the while migrating from 1 phone to the next in a jiff, wondering since A1 is not using MIUI can I migrate from current RN4 easily as previous RN series? Previous migration using local backup system by copying the backup file to the next phone & restore.


This A1 phone brings shame to Samsung and iPhone flagship….


    how so?


    As much as I'm excited to see this coming into Malaysia, how so with such a bold statement from you? It'd make much more sense to say that with the MIX 2 as a comparison when it's out but A1?


      i do agree with u. even i was super excited with the launch, this can be the best midrange phone of the year, but i dont see it will challenge those flagships phone, even its own budget flagship or any budget flagships.

      thats too blind, even for xiomi’s hardcore fans.

      the only full fledge flagship series from mi is mi note series or a flagship showcase like mi mix series.

Apple bite

Cheapskate + cheapo phone, perfect match!

High class + iphone = match seamlessly


    high class + iphone? another one live in the past. now even kid, uncle, auntie or foreign worker using iphone now.

    those using cheap price phone = cheapskate people? are you serious?
    they are using their hard earn money the way they want.


      Are you saying that people who purchase counterfeits or products that don’t respect others’ IP, with their hard earned money should also be ok ?

      Buying and using pirated software discs with my hard earned money should be fine ?


        Use otak before comment! Who ever said buy counterfeits products? You want to buy just go to buy don't bising here. Don't put those non-existance assumption in anyone comment.


          Buying counterfeits and agreeing whether it’s ethical or not is totally a different. One may have bought counterfeits but he may not agree it’s right to do so.

          I think I am using my brain to clearly differentiate btw these 2 different matters.

          I hope you are not assuming that I have never purchase counterfeits before.


          pakai otak sebelum komen, this topic nothing to do with counterfeits, pirated, ehtical, this site is about tech and phone, don't force your assumption into anyone comment.


          I analysed both the look and menu system in Mi phones with my Otak. They look the same now.

          I didn’t know you don’t understand what I was hinting – sorry.


          jangan sendiri cakap sendiri syok, cerita habis, Arigato. Maaf ampun


      Don't feed the troll


This is the phone that I’m waiting for.


Mi should have gone with the newer SD630 instead of the SD625, bump the battery to 4000mAh & keep the price below RM1k, then it would be midrange of the year..


    Market timing was the problem. Probably both Google and Xiaomi wanted to rush this is in so.


Price seems problematic to me. It's cutting it very thin to Redmi Note 4's top SKU the 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage model. Myself I'd pay for lesser cam yet 1000mAh larger battery.

They're jumping the gun a bit here by trying to upscale Android One on Mi brand instead of Redmi. Either that or Xiaomi really did 1 upped Google by wanting to protect the Redmi line.

Edward Carnby

Im surely gonna buy this phone!!!!


We cant deny that Xiaomi do good value when it comes to specs v price. But what sets this phone apart is stock Android. Getting rid of MIUI out of box will be a good selling factor – MIUI is the main roadblock to buying Xiaomi phones these days


Cant see anything short from this phone compare to some brands that shamelessly selling their phone 4x of this price. If u are very rich then no bother lah buy the most expensive. If u working everyday to gain your hard earned money like me then please wake up and use your money wisely to buy something value. Because you paying 1k or 4k also basicly will doing some same stuff with your phone anyway.