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If you use Dual-SIMs, you’re gonna love these new MediaTek processors

When it comes to processors on smartphones, some of our readers would cringe when they see MediaTek on the spec sheet. However, plenty of manufacturers are still relying on MediaTek as it offers affordable performance for its entry level smartphone lineup.

To refresh its mid-range offering, MediaTek has just announced its newer Helio P23 and P30 SoC. Apart from delivering noticeable performance upgrades, these two new chipsets also offer better dual-SIM capability than what we have today.

On most dual-SIM phones, only one SIM can run on 4G LTE while the secondary SIM is restricted to either 2G or 3G. This is done intentionally to reduce power consumption as running two 4G LTE connections simultaneously will definitely take a hit at battery life.

With the new P23 and P30 chipsets, MediaTek is enabling 4G for both SIM cards simultaneously while delivering significantly higher voice quality with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and ViLTE (Video Over LTE). It appears that MediaTek has somehow managed to enable dual-VoLTE support for both primary and secondary SIMs without sacrificing too much on battery life.

Apart from dual 4G connectivity, these new chipsets are manufactured based on TSMC’s 16nm process with 4x A53 high power cores running at 2.3GHz and another 4x A53 low power cores running at 1.65GHz. The Helio P23 gets a G71MP2 GPU at 770MHz while the P30’s GPU is clocked higher at 950MHz. Both chipsets also support Imagiq 2.0 imaging technology which offers support for instant auto exposure, noise reduction technologies as well as EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation).

This isn’t the first time MediaTek had worked on delivering dual 4G connectivity. A few months ago, they had successfully completed its first Dual 4G VoLTE test with China Mobile using their 10nm flagship X30 chipset.

The P23 and P30 chipsets are expected to be rolled out by Q4 this year. The Helio P23 will be hitting global markets while the P30 will be released only for China.


Alexander Wong