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Xpax makes it easy to own a new smartphone on prepaid

Originally available for FIRST Postpaid customers, Celcom has finally introduced EasyPhone on Xpax. This makes it easier for anyone on prepaid to pick up the latest smartphones on contract.

Xpax EasyPhone

This smartphone installment plan is made possible in partnership with AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad. Unlike typical EPP installment plans, EasyPhone for Xpax does not require a credit card and there’s zero upfront payment.

At the moment, they are offering a single 24-month repayment option and each month you’ll get RM30 of airtime during the 24-month period. So effectively, your line is constantly active as it gets “topped-up” RM30 each month. Currently, they have over 30 devices on offer which covers iPhone, Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei and more.

The iPhone 6 on EasyPhone is going for RM110/month while the Samsung Galaxy J2 can be yours from as low as RM74/month. Obviously, this financing has monthly interest since the iPhone 6 in total comes up to RM1,920 (minus RM30/month airtime) for 24 months. As a comparison, the iPhone 6 32GB currently retails at RM1,499.

To make it easier to sign up, you can apply for Xpax EasyPhone online. Just fill up an online form and send your supporting documents in digital format. You should receive a notification within 3 working days and upon approval, you can pick up your new phone at a Blue Cube centre near you.

This EasyPhone program is only applicable for Malaysians and we are told that a device protection add-on plan may be introduced very soon. For more info, head over to Xpax EasyPhone.

Alexander Wong