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Can you guess which company has a smart speaker in the works?

Well, it looks like we have yet another player about to put their coins into the smart speaker arcade machine and push start. Yep, after the massive launch that was their Galaxy Note8, Samsung‘s mobile chief also reveals that the company is working on a smart speaker of their own.

DJ Koh spoke to CNBC after the launch of their new flagship phablet, revealing that the South Korean electronics giant was already working on a smart speaker and that it could be released “soon”.

“Maybe soon we will announce it. I am already working on it,” he said, adding that he wanted to add a “fruitful user experience” in users’ homes with Samsung devices. Needless to say, this new speaker will be powered by Samsung’s very own voice assistant Bixby. This, of course, makes a lot of sense since Bixby was just launched globally, a smart home speaker would be a great way to accelerate Bixby’s speech learning as the only way to interact with it would be with voice. Besides that, Samsung already has an extensive catalogue of home appliances that will likely integrate well with Bixby.

It’s not going to be easy for Samsung, though, as the market already has a whole bunch of solid choices like Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Home and of course Apple’s upcoming HomePod speaker. Success for Samsung will really hinge on its integration with home appliances and the various other services we use on a daily basis. Oh, and speech recognition of course. Nobody wants to have to repeat themselves multiple times just to get something done.

What do you guys think of a Samsung smart speaker? Would you get it over similar offerings from competitors? Let me know in the comments below.

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