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Huawei’s upcoming phone has an S8-like screen and 4 cameras for under RM2,000

Nova 2 Plus

You may have heard of Huawei‘s latest teaser where they posted an image with the hashtag #OOOO right in the center. We speculated about what that could mean but today, today we found out something even more interesting.

Huawei’s Nova series is company’s mid-range smartphone like that’s designed to take on the likes of vivo. Yesterday, though, at the media briefing of the Nova 2 Plus here in Malaysia, Huawei let slip that their next Nova smartphone would be called the Nova 2i and that it would be arriving in Malaysia sometime in September 2017.

What’s even more interesting is that they claim that the Nova 2i will have a tall 18:9 aspect ratio screen like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Besides that, they also divulged that the #OOOO was indeed a reference to four cameras — two in front and two at the back. Yep, dual-dual. However, Huawei was pretty tight-lipped about the whole situation so we didn’t get much more out of them.

They did, however, reveal one last tidbit about the upcoming Nova 2i and that’s its price: According to Huawei it’ll be priced below RM2,000. That’s a pretty nice sweet spot for those looking for budget flagship phones. However, that price point is also fiercely competitive with fantastic value-for-money phones like the honor 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 6. Without a spec reveal, it’s hard for us to see how this phone stacks up to the competition.

Still, since the Nova is their mid-range series, it’s likely that it will come with a mid-range processor and big internal storage to compensate, much like the Nova 2 Plus. Huawei will definitely be relying on the phone’s screen and four cameras to give them an edge over the competition.

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Don’t fret, though, as Huawei says they will continue to drop hints and tips about the Nova 2i in the coming days so stay tuned for that.