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The honor VR is one of the most affordable 360 cameras you can buy in Malaysia

honor VR Malaysia 360 camera

honor wants to make 360 content creation more accessible and they had introduced the honor VR camera earlier this year. This 360 camera has finally arrived in Malaysia and it is probably one of the most affordable you can right now.

Unlike Samsung’s Gear 360, the honor VR camera connects directly onto your phone’s USB Type-C port. This is similar to Giroptic io’s 360 camera where it is as easy as plug and play.

According to DirectD’s listing, the honor VR is priced at RM599. There are no detailed specs for the device but it promises 3K photography and seamless 360 live streaming. It is listed to work with any smartphones that use USB Type-C.

In case you’re wondering, this clip-on 360 camera is co-branded and developed by Insta360 and it is very similar to their Insta360 Air that is priced at US$129 (about RM553). It has two F2.4 fisheye lenses and it can capture photos at 3008×1504 (3K) resolution and videos at 2560×1280 @ 30fps. Depending on what smartphone you have, the Insta360 Air comes in both microUSB and USB Type-C versions.

The honor VR camera only comes in blue and DirectD’s unit comes with 1-year local supplier warranty.


Alexander Wong