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Xiaomi Mi 6 review: Almost a no-brainer

Posted:  August 10, 2017   By:    18 comments   


It’s no secret that I wasn’t a big fan of last year’s Xiaomi Mi 5. I didn’t like how it performed, I didn’t like its camera and for the most part, I was quite annoyed that we got what felt like scraps instead of the proper flagship we hyped it up to be.

This year, as Malaysia finally gets its turn at the Xiaomi flagship Mi 6, it’s time to find out if they’ve learned their lessons.

To give you the short answer, it’s a bit of a yes and no. I’ll say that the Mi 6 we’re getting isn’t nearly as sluggish as the Mi 5 we got, it’s also better built and what I’d call a slightly-more-than-incremental update to its predecessor.

If that’s all you’re interested in finding out, you can stop reading here, switch tabs to Xiaomi’s online store and click purchase.

If you want to learn more, then, read on for more details on why I added the word “almost” to the title of this review.

The Good

+ Great build
+ Good Performance
+ Great display

The Bad

– No IP67/IP68 water resistance
– Average battery life
– Poor low-light camera performance

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18 Comments for Xiaomi Mi 6 review: Almost a no-brainer


personally it will be absolutely no-brainer if they bring in 128G RAM.


I know that petrol pump


Best Screen size is 5.8in to 6in… Why create a small screen…. Another failure… They should just copy S8.. Dual Lens F2.0 64GB 6GB cache, 4000mah battery. Metal Back. Flat glass in front like Iphone7.. and sell below RM2000… a killer


    possible only when RM strong back


    Some people actually prefer a smaller display, so I wouldn't call that a failure.


    Display size is subjective. Thats why half people are buying iphone 7 and half buying note/plus series. I wont use anything larger than 5.5" Iphone 7 does not have flat glass. iP5 does.


    for me, smart phone, nice size is 5", easily 1 hand operatiothats samsung S series, and old generations of iphone was built. If you need large screen, use laptop lah~ haiz…


That photo quality is like so-so.

Back in those days Nokia N82 can shoot that quality too.


    agreed. too much processing to my liking. and much like other Xiaomi phone low light photo was not that impressive.


You got 4hours+ on your SOT, what did you do? I got a consistent 6 hours+ on average usage on my Mi 6, with wifi and data always turned on, youtube, twitter, instagram, chrome, spotify now and then and maybe a little gaming.


Gsmarena reviews mi6 battery life 80hrs better than ip7plus 75 hrs and igeekphone review the camera night shot only lose marginal to ip7 plus. Not sure why the author gives low marks to mi6 on these 2 department??


you can’t call yourself flagship if your are having that yesteryear screen.

screen is the one you stare at, the one interact with, and covers half the phone surface. it is one important aspect you pay for.

the same reason these reviewers are saying about iphone, that the screen is inferior, but suddenly is not such a big deal when it comes to xiaomi? be consistent in your review you dumbass


    Mi6 is only a 5.15" screen mated to a full HD 1080p screen, cant tell the difference if it uses a 2k screen.

    iPhone 7 is using a 750 x 1334 screen with only 326 ppi density. Thats like 720p that costs Rm3k+. Whos getting the better bargain here?


      bargain and flagship don’t come together in the same sentence.

      besides, having a xiaomi flagship doesn’t mean much…. is like I have driving the highest spec proton… so?

      are you the type that compare Mercedes 1.6l CLA with proton?

      if you can’t differentiate what flagship is and insist your proton or xiaomi is a good deal, go ahead lah…

      Apple has nothing to prove to you. it will still fly off the shelf when launch.


Anyone facing GPS poor connectivity issue of Mi5?

Anthony Ang

Are you into specs? Well then: https://www.razerzone.com/mobile/razer-phone

Anthony Ang

Razer phone, For the spec head; 120 Hz UltraMotion screen… ZERO Lag screen experience!!! Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8GB RAM, 12MP dual cameras for complete versatility (this is yet to be properly reviewed, at the moment P10plus leica is still the champ, especially in low light condition.. dat wide 1.8 aperture. Phone speakers are normally a non deal breaker in anycase, but this bad boy's phone speaker HAS ITS OWN AMP! WTF! 4,000mh battery to power all those goodies! Thumbprint side slot like whattt?? common sense much!? Ergonomic much!? The power button location is the best position for thumbprint access. If you like that Razer aesthetic, black, cold frosted steel and boxy corners, then this is a wetdream. Otherwise, it may be a turnoff for the yuppie who goes for curvy looks.