TM kills off dial-up and ISDN services this October

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TM discontinues 1515, 1315, 1525

If you’re hooked to the internet before the year 2000, you definitely have used a dial-up service. After the closing of Jaring two years ago, Malaysia’s second ISP service is now coming to an end.

To refresh your memory, connecting to the internet back then sounded a lot like this:

Apart from Jaring’s 1511 dial-up service, there was also TM Net dial-up that was first introduced in 1996. After almost 21 years, TM is finally shutting down its 1515 along with its login-free EZ 1315 service on 1st October 2017. Also coming to an end is their 1525 service which provided faster speeds up to 128kbps on ISDN.

For customers who are still using these legacy services, TM is urging you to upgrade to their current broadband services such as UniFi, Streamyx or webebroadband. Whichever one you pick, it’s definitely faster and more cost effective.

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4 Comments for TM kills off dial-up and ISDN services this October


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"Apart from Jaring’s 1515 dial-up service…"
Jaring's dial-up is 1511, 1515 belong to TM Net


    Corrected, thanks for pointing that out!


TM Dial-Up was 1515 and Jaring was 1511.