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These could be the new features of the Galaxy Note8’s dual camera

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Camera

Putting dual-cameras on a smartphone isn’t new but Samsung might be doing things differently to set it apart from the rest. With the upcoming Galaxy Note8, Samsung will be using a dual-camera setup for the first time. Now it appears that some of its features might have been revealed by its component manufacturing subsidiary, Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Zooming on a smartphone is pretty standard these days with the iPhone 7 Plus and Mi 6 offering 2X optical zoom while the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom pushes a higher 2.3X optical zoom. If Samsung is implementing this specific dual-camera module, the Galaxy Note8 could offer 3X zoom with its Smart Zoom feature. It was earlier speculated that the Note8 might come with a 12MP + 13MP camera set up with the secondary lens offering 3X optical zoom.

Apart from getting closer to the action, the dual-camera module also claims to offer better low light and HDR performance when images taken from both sensors are combined. The camera also has a “refocus” mode which lets you pick which area of the photo to be in focus after a picture is taken. On top of that, there are extra camera tricks such as Background Effect and Perspective View.

The cameras on the Galaxy S7 and S8 are one of the best on a smartphone and it would be interesting to see how much improvement does this new dual-camera setup has to offer. The Galaxy Note8 will be unveiled on 23 August and we can expect pre-orders in Malaysia to commence shortly after that.


Alexander Wong