Here’s a Samsung Galaxy S8 that’s built like a tank that you probably can’t buy

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Malaysia

The Galaxy S8/S8+ is a beautiful looking thing but the all-glass exterior makes it a fragile device to use without a case. For those who want the performance of the Galaxy S8 with added durability to withstand the elements, there’s a new variant that will be announced very soon.

From the new leaked photos and videos, the Galaxy S8 Active will retain the same shape as the current Galaxy S8 with a tall 18.5:9 Infinity Display. To withstand hard drops, the Galaxy S8 Active gets a flat 5.8″ screen and MIL-STD 810G certification which are quite similar to the LG G6. There are no physical buttons in front and you get a pressure sensitive virtual home button like the standard S8. Of course, there’s also an extra button at the side to summon Bixby.

The rear of the Galaxy S8 Active gets a rugged looking plastic/rubbery texture which is obviously more durable than glass. The camera, heart rate sensor and fingerprint sensor placement at the rear remains unchanged and the same goes for its USB Type-C, headphone jack and speaker grill at the bottom.

To last more than a day, the Galaxy S8 Active also comes with a larger 4,000mAh battery which is 25% more in capacity than the regular S8. The rest of the hardware remains unchanged with a Snapdragon 835 processor (US market) with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It is interesting to point out that the SIM slot is double sided to accept a nano-SIM and a microSD card.

Unfortunately, you probably can’t get one here officially once it goes on sale in the US very soon. The previous Galaxy S6/S7 Active variants were released as exclusive devices to US carrier AT&T and it is likely that the new S8 Active get the same treatment as well. If you want to toughen up your existing Galaxy S8/S8+, one alternative is to get a rugged case from Otterbox.

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4 Comments for Here’s a Samsung Galaxy S8 that’s built like a tank that you probably can’t buy


Sim slot is double tray or double sided ?

HP. Enthusiast

Too bad it is not available in Malaysia officially.

Rugged build could compensate a bit for that bad rear placement fingerprint sensor. Higher IP ratings expected for durability.

For those who still missed flat screen phone from Samsung Galaxy S-Series will get an opportunity to have it in the US.


Hye sir what if i.bought it online,will i be able to use it in malaysia?if its network locked,is there anyway to unlock it by rooting or changing its network ic?any opinion?


    If you buy a Samsung Malaysia set, you don’t have to worry about network lock. It will work with any SIM.