OnePlus 5 review: Ignore the hate, this phone is awesome |

OnePlus 5 review: Ignore the hate, this phone is awesome

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Oh, man has the OnePlus 5 received a lot of hate. From benchmark cheating, all the way to sub-par camera performances that have led the public to call DxOMark’s credibility into question, OnePlus’ latest flagship hasn’t had the smoothest of launches.

But, while it’s easy to get caught up with all the hate, all the rage, and all the feelings of dissatisfaction surrounding this smartphone, a lot of people tend to forget one really, really important thing about this new flagship:

It’s a damn good smartphone.

Before you begin raising your pitchforks and lighting your torches, let me just say that I completely agree with you. OnePlus shouldn’t have done what they did. It was wrong and probably really stupid of them to cheat at benchmarks especially since they already had the best hardware money can buy.

However, I would also encourage you not to blame the son for the sins of the father. Yes, OnePlus did something really dumb and sketchy, but at the end of the day, all I care about is whether they made a good smartphone. And the OnePlus 5 is a great smartphone.

It is a few hundred bucks more expensive than its predecessor but I’d argue that the OnePlus 5 is also worth a few hundred bucks more than its predecessor. And the issues everyone has complained about since the launch? Well, I’m here to tell you that it really isn’t as bad as you think it is.

The Good

+ Great performance and software
+ Good battery life
+ Excellent build quality

The Bad

– No water resistance
– Mono speaker
– Absurdly slippery

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26 Comments for OnePlus 5 review: Ignore the hate, this phone is awesome


You forgot to include in the bad list on the inverted display that led to some obvious/less obvious jelly effect. I have to disagree on oneplus 5 being worth the extra for the buck compared to the predecessor. I had the OP3T and now the OP5, forget about the numbers on Antutu, these guys perform seemingly the same or not, just micro differences. Is the OP5 worth it as an upgrade from OP3T? The answer is no. At least the OP3T has OIS. The OP3T is still a better buck for your money guys.


    Someone didn’t read and jump to conclusions.


      I did read it. You just didn't understand that I was referring to the summary of the bad list and not what was mentioned in the article. The OIS should be on the bad list too, funny that it isn't, rather, "Absurdly slippery" is when the obvious missing OIS is a more crucial negative compared to the prior.


        I am also puzzled. To me, it's like saying "Ignore the ugliness, she's pretty". So everyone is pretty then.


    Jelly effect doesn't happen on mine, OIS for better exposure (not to mention stabilisation which EIS also did a great job) and it doesn't feel that much of a difference. Not worth for an upgrade from OP3T, if older than that then its worth every penny.


      OIS and EIS have clear differences tho. EIS crops the video image to compensate for the movement while OIS which uses hardware doesn't, therefore you get the full frame. So, no image degradation as necessary compensations. The better is always OIS.

      But if the OP5 is not much of an upgrade from the OP3T (Which I own both from experience of comparing), you might as well buy OP3T which is cheaper and forget about the 8GB variant (which I'm using), you will never use up that much ram. It's pure gimmick. I mean OP is a good phone in general and still consider cheap as a flagship but considering it as an upgrade from its predecessor and the added price bump is ridiculous.

HP. Enthusiast

I’m not surprise at all that this phone is hated from many aspects, Soyacincau had stated it here, no need elaboration.

The pricing of the phone is not even listed on the list of comparison between “The Good” nor “The Bad” as it is no longer a flagship without ‘breaking a bank’ price tag. BBK Electronics has now became a mad cow.

Its predecessors were missed a lot by many until they were dubbed as ‘flagship killer’ in the past.

I love an article about ” “$400 Flagship” is dead”, equivalent with “Flagship Killer has been dead, hail Samsung and Apple”.


Omitting OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is the biggest blunder in ANY flagship smartphone.

OIS just simply works. Period. Full stop. EIS (Electronic/Software Optical Stabilization) that they are
using in 1+5 resulted a horrendous efx (look up vids samples/reviews in YT).

You need Deep Blue level of AI to compensate hundreds if not thousand of scenarios to counter
shakes (especially in low light condition).

So unless manufacturers can figure out cramming super-computer level of processors in a smartphone,
best to stick to OIS & improve noise reduction algorithm.

Remember… when even the infamous over-charging Apple/Iphone uses OIS… then we know best
not be a cheapskate & use industrial proven solution.


    Only benefit in OIS compared to EIS is OIS allow better exposure in low light situation. Stabilisation wise both do a great job. I'm using 1+5 for a week + now and i can clearly tell you that they have superior stabilisation. Phone now days doesn't rely on spec sheets anymore.

    Don't follow the herds, sheepsssssssss …


What a retarded person


better get honor 8 pro, samsung C9 pro or upcoming honor 9. those can get cheaper at online store. better have a great customer service than a CEO dodging every flaws.


S7 edge is better. 4GB RAM is sufficient. Camera spec superior with OIS.


    My colleague just bought the S7 edge for Rm2300 plus from DirectD.


    It is! I had the S7 edge and OP5. The camera was so much better on the last year's flagship, S7 edge. OP5 has the better selfie camera tho.


No hate, if on the right selling price.

Below RM 1500 for a scandal phone should be acceptable.


    If u can make myr to usd to about rm2 for $1 usd, then there will be rm1500 or less


      His job to do it.

      Finance Minister get pay by tax payer to do the job.

      Ask him would be more appropriate.


Overrated phone really. Although the price vs specs is good on paper.


I have just upgraded from my Oneplus One bought in 2014 to the Oneplus 5.
And I am happy and satisfied with the phone although it took quite some time to come to a decision.
For that amount of money, one should be quite contented. Of course, some may prefer the
other brands. It's a matter of preference. As for the Oneplus 5, it's a near perfect phone for me.


Hype or not, OP5 is a very good phone. I bought one last week and im very satisfied. People that care more for brand can top up a bit and get s7 edge but I think this is worth paying for bloatware free android and fast performance. My previous phone is nexus 6p. People who say S8 or iP7 is fast should try OP5 first then you know what people are talking about.


it isnt a few hundred extra…its nearly a thousand extra from what i paid for OP3….


    it was because of your sloppy currency rate, not that much on actual price hike.


      what exchange rate…when OP3 came out the MYR is already hell banknote


Those who bought the pH will have to live with it sucks or not lol might as well say good lo else seksa XD pity u guys


I don't hate the OnePlus 5, I just won't buy it that's all.

Teksi Drebar

I own both Samsung S7 and now OP5. I love OP5 for what it is. I cannot replicate the jelly effect or at least I didn’t notice its existence having used it for around 2 weeks now. It is super fast and clean. Going to use it for the next 3 years and then move on to something else. The fight for which smartphone is the best or worth the money is never-ending. There is always the next upcoming one to be released and people would line up the phones for comparison again and again. Just settle for a phone that do the job for you at this point of time and move on until it is time for a replacement.