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Xiaomi to launch a brand new smartphone called the 5X?

Posted:  July 17, 2017   By:    9 comments   

There have been rumours that Xiaomi was poised to take on the likes of OPPO and vivo in the mid-range market with a brand new line of smartphones which are focused on offline sales. Now, thanks to a leaked print ad, it looks like that will be a reality.

The smartphone looks like it will be called the Xiaomi 5X and will allegedly feature a camera module capable of 5X optical zoom.

Likely to be called the Xiaomi Mi 5X when it launches, this looks like a mid-ranged smartphone. The ad also reveals some of the specs for this upcoming smartphone. It will apparently be sporting a Snapdragon 625 processor with 4GB of RAM and have a 5.5-inch Full HD display up front. Besides that, the ad also reveals the price which is set at CNY1999 (around RM1,266).

However, there have been rumours which suggest there will also be a high-spec variant that features 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 660 processor instead. The handset will also allegedly run on Android 7.1.1 Nougat with MIUI 9 running on top.

As far as looks go, an earlier leaked image purports that the smartphone will have a slim metal body that’s very reminiscent of the OnePlus 5 right down to the dual-camera module. It is via this dual-camera module that the Xiaomi 5X will be able to achieve its supposed 5X optical zooming.

Of course, these are merely rumours at this point, so take it with a grain of salt, but Xiaomi will apparently make all of this official on the 26th of July 2017.

What do you guys think of the Xiaomi 5X? Let me know in the comments below.


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9 Comments for Xiaomi to launch a brand new smartphone called the 5X?


Nowdays i cannot expect value phones from Xiaomi …now they are competing with other overpriced brands from China.


Question is how long it will officially in Malaysia market ? 2018 ?


    Overpriced phones will arrive in Malaysia very early..


      This comment made my day lol


Xiaomi try to enter the league to complete with vivo, oppo and nova. Xiaomi may not be the best China brand, but in terms of product pricing and value, they are.

Google Scholar

I taught xiaomi suppose to create phones that are affordable…


The affordable line should be the redmi series but some buyers may bucks up to choose the oppo because the redmi camera are decent. Overpriced?? I dont think so, the brand that selling overpriced phone are 'A' brand from country 'A' that selling 3 years back lousy specs model that even more expensive than other brand new model launch price.


Bring Snapdragon 660/650 to 5" device. Why so hard?


Google Scholar "taught" xiaomi indeed