iFixit’s teardown confirms the one thing we needed to know about the Galaxy Note FE

Before the launch of the upcoming Galaxy Note8, Samsung gave their loyal note fans a treat with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE). These devices are basically refurbished (and unopened) Note7s with a new battery in it.

But did they really slap in a new battery? Well, iFixit tore their Fan Edition to pieces to find out.

iFixit is a site that’s pretty well known for doing detailed teardowns of devices, to look at what makes them tick, so we don’t have to. In any case, the site got a hold of one of the brand new Galaxy Note Fan Edition phones and immediately tore into it.

Comparing it to their old Galaxy Note7, it looks pretty much exactly the same and features the same measurements too…which is unsurprising.

But then we get to the battery. Although to the layman’s eye, they look pretty much identical, iFixit confirms that the Fan Edition is indeed sporting a brand new battery. It’s so new, in fact, that the battery is dated 20th June 2017.

According to iFixit, the Fan Edition’s battery is indeed smaller in capacity, measuring 12.32Wh compared to the Note7’s 13.48Wh. It also seems to have lost some mass as this new power cell is 2.3g lighter and measures 37.4 mm x 97.2 mm x ~5.0 mm compared to the Note7’s 37.9 mm x 97.8 mm x 4.9 mm.

If that isn’t confirmation that the Note FE has a brand new battery, I don’t know what is. For more info, check out iFixit’s full teardown.

Does this finally put your mind at ease?

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