Moto G5 Plus review: The difference is in the software

Posted:  July 12, 2017   By:    5 comments   


Here are more photos from the Moto G5 Plus. Click on each to view its full resolution.

Bonus selfie

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5 Comments for Moto G5 Plus review: The difference is in the software


For Androids, there’s no point comparing specs:price ratio. The Redmi wins without a doubt.

It’s how it performs and the user experience that matters, because we all know no 2 androids have the same performance even on the same processor. In that regard, the trade off with anything from Xiaomi is the fact that it comes with MIUI which is enough to turn people away. The G5 Plus is very popular in US and Europe and for that price in RM, is worth considering for the fluid stock android experience.


    Agreed. The user experience counts.


i do agree on jack point. Thats why yesterday i bought honor 8 pro(initially planned for p10plus),compare to oneplus 5 n mi 6. but others might buy the latter,cuz there is no one size fit all.

while not denying fact that redminote 4 is a super bargain,but it still lack of certain elements. i also owned p10 lite n nova lite.(p10 lite i gave to my son, nova lite is my wife’s phone).

Ali Huddin

Dear sir, May I know from where I can buy the Motorola G5 plus smartphone and what is the prices please,tq

Alihuddin Junus

How thin is Moto G5 plus is and what about the mirror it look black or bright especially the to take picture either in the day light or at night,tq