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A smart home device broke up a violent fight by calling the police

Smart home devices are a lot more common now than they were before and we have companies like Amazon and Google to thank for pushing them forward. Although these devices have come under some fire for privacy concerns, this latest bit of news may reveals that your always listening smart home device could actually save lives.

According to a police report in New Mexico, a smart home device (model not specified) intervened during a case of domestic violence by calling the police.

A news report by ABC states that the alleged assailant, Eduardo Barros, got into an argument with his girlfriend while they were house sitting. The argument became physical and Eduardo apparently pulled a firearm on his girlfriend and threatened to kill her.

During the altercation, Eduardo apparently asked his girlfriend “did you call the sheriffs?” and the smart home device interpreted that as a request to call the police and proceeded to dial 911. The police overhead the conversation and sent in a crisis negotiation team as well as a SWAT team.

Cops were able to save the girlfriend and her daughter although the girlfriend did sustain injuries. Still, no lives were lost and authorities said that the smart home device potentially played a life-saving role in this whole incident.

Eduardo was taken into custody after an hours-long stand-off and is now facing charges of possession of a firearm or destructive device by a felon, aggravated battery against a household member, aggravated assault against a household member and false imprisonment.

You can read the full report in the source link below.