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Take home a new smartphone from as low as RM25/month

Posted:  June 22, 2017   By:    9 comments   

Celcom EasyPhone Instalments
This post is brought to you by Celcom.

It’s sooo easy to own a brand new smartphone this coming Raya season. Whether it is for yourself or your loved ones, you can get the phone you always wanted with affordable monthly payments from as low as RM25/month. No matter what budget you have, Celcom has the phone just for you.

Easy as ABC

EasyPhone gives you the freedom to own your favourite smartphone hassle free. There’s absolutely no upfront payments (for loyal Celcom customers of at least a year) and you can pay for the phone with bite-sized monthly instalments. Best of all, there’s no credit card required so anyone can jump on board.

New subscribers can get a new phone with EasyPhone too but you’re required to pay an upfront payment of 3 months which will be rebated back to you in 3 months’ time.

Better peace of mind with added protection

A great smartphone experience is more than just the phone itself. For better peace of mind against unexpected moments, you can add on Device Protection Coverage from as low as RM20/month. This smart protection plan will cover you from theft, house break-ins and damages including liquid. If you lose your phone, a new device replacement will be quickly arranged for you. In addition, if repair is required, your device will be repaired and returned with door to door service at your convenience.

Get an iPhone from RM25/month

The iPhone 5S 16GB be yours for only RM25/month on a FIRST Gold Plus plan for 24 months duration. If you’re looking for something newer, the iPhone SE 32GB can be yours from RM55/month or RM60/month for a whopping 128GB of storage.

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For something bigger, you can consider the iPhone 6s on EasyPhone from RM70/month while the bigger iPhone 6s Plus can be yours form RM95/month.

If you seek the latest and greatest, the iPhone 7 is offered from as low as RM95/month while the iPhone 7 Plus is offered from RM120/month.

Wide selection of Android smartphones from RM35/month

Apart from iPhones, EasyPhone is available with a variety of Android smartphones to suit your budget. The Galaxy J5 (2016) can be yours at RM35/month while flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone is offered at RM145/month. Meanwhile, the Huawei P10 Plus is offered at RM135/month while the OPPO R9s Plus is available at RM105/month. Unlike the iPhone offering, you can get these Android EasyPhone options on any existing Celcom postpaid plans.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to Bergaya this Raya with Celcom Easy Phone. Visit www.celcom.com.my for more info.

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9 Comments for Take home a new smartphone from as low as RM25/month


later still ask for latest 3 month pay slip, apa different


Rm25 + package rm100+++ just for iphone 5s model 2013

Mr. k

Can you confirm that Android easy phone can sign any plan? Last time sign s8+ they told me only gold plus and platinum can.

    mr zir

    I am using Celcom First 38. Now discontinued. Managed to sign up for S8 easyphone.

      Mr. K

      when did you sign up? when it launched or after june?

      Mr. K

      as i know when launch can sign with first 38 basic. after june 2nd, they change it to gold plus and platinum only.

    Blue bear

    Can I choose any rate plan when signing up for EasyPhone™?

    For Android devices, customer can opt for any Celcom Postpaid plans.

    For Apple devices, customer must subscribe either to FIRST™ Gold Plus or FIRST™ Platinum postpaid plans.


Why need to subscribe up to 5 number just to buy 1 device? Advice by celcom tesco ampang..


I went to celcom blue cube kajang to clarify on the celcom device plan, the lady mention that if i need to purchase the celcom device galaxy note 8, i need to pay full front RM3500 ++ (include package)? Is this true? If i need to pay that much why should i take celcom plan. Can any confirm this?