TM donates RM1 million to charity to celebrate an important milestone

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TM Unifi one 1,000,000 subscriptions

As we usher in the celebration of Hari Raya, TM will be donating a total of RM1,000,000 to 100 selected charitable Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) throughout Malaysia. This is done in conjunction with their #KeajaibanRamadan campaign and to celebrate an important milestone for its UniFi broadband service in the spirit of #KeajaibanUniFi.

TM UniFi which was launched on 24 March 2010 has finally reached 1,000,000 subscribers. They had crossed the 500,000 subscription mark in 2013.

Apart from donating RM1,000,000 to charity, the 1,000,000th UniFi subscriber will get to choose his 10 preferred charity bodies (from their list of selected NGOs) and TM will donate RM10,000 each under his or her name. That’s another RM100,000 going for a good cause. To make it even more unforgettable, TM will be giving the one millionth subscriber’s home a smarter living makeover with smart facilities and appliances. The lucky subscriber will be announced soon.

As a special treat for hitting their 1 million subscriber milestone, TM will be opening up all channels on HyppTV and HyppTV Everywhere app beginning today, 19 June until 18 July 2017. That’s over 100 channels to enjoy during the festive season. The full HyppTV access isn’t just limited to TM UniFi subscribers but it is also open to Streamyx 4Mbps and 8Mbps customers with a HyppTV set-top box.

In the last quarter, TM Group had also posted a revenue of RM2.96 billion with an industry-leading growth of 3.8% year-on-year. According to their last quarterly report, TM had 988,000 UniFi subscribers and about 85% of them are on plans with 10Mbps and above.


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17 Comments for TM donates RM1 million to charity to celebrate an important milestone


better use the money to upgrade the speed!
charity to selected NGO's?
probably putting money into their own pockets for RAYA in the name of charity!


    wow..did u try to check the NGO list from their web? the list consist mostly rumah anak yatim, pusat-pusat jagaan, persatuan penyakit-penyakit khusus.


      everything is put into disguise bro.
      we poor Malaysians are a sympathetic lot.
      if they don't put in that kind of list, many questions will be asked!


      kawan, its not about him mocking the NGOs.. its just that with such a lousy service, why publicly announce such big sum for something else other than improving their services.


        So have you migrated to Maxis or Time?


    TM = Ter**st Malaysia. Malaysians have always wondered with so much profits they've done squeezing for over 10 years with an entire monopoly of the fixed line market, where did all of it went? Did it end up funding somewhere in the ME at $yria or @rab? Their last mile network is seriously outdated. UniFi Lite with 10M? That's like what Thailand offered at 1/3 rate 3 years ago with no contract.


malaysia is well known with donation, dont surprise 🙂


Where is my TM surprise? Sudah lama menunggu speed upgrade.


With rampant disconnections a daily issue and nearly every week need to call-in to complaint…why the heck didn't TM donate back some money to us users for our loyalty, patience and tolerance …they are giving us high blood pressure on daily basis..their broadband speed seems more snail pace than most of our SEA neighbors… even those that was behind us a decade ago. Shame on TM ..still wants to make a big Hoo-Hah about a million subscribers…bet most of the subscribers are either not happy or totally pissed with their service.


    u can't beat the govt bro!
    even if u can, they would be gerrymandering their way out.
    like the past election.


      It's not just gerrymandering in their latest games. Every face and character that has given enough deposit to show his face as a candidate has already been decided by the money masters of international tribal council. Whether it's opposition or ruling party you'll always lose.Vote is useless because no matter who you vote, it's already a puppet planned from beginning. The real determinant was always the money that made the decision.Every candidate whether op/rul have all funny bckgrnds. Take for example the latest French Macron guy, he has a wife double his age or his mother.


    VN FPT Telecom had just launched 1Gbp Home broadband a month ago. Price a little stiff at VND2M but they're throwing in lots of goodies. Customers will be supplied an Archer C9 router, 3 sets of IPTV boxes with separate login accounts. It'll be made available widely across their 2 most populous cities Hanoi and HCMC.


use the $$ to expand unifi coverage pls faggot


    For over 10 years they've been rippin off Malaysians with overpriced 1Mbps at rates which would have afforded Malaysians with several hundred Mbps plans.With their monopoly practices and guaranteed markets, how could they still tell Malaysians that deploying affordable and fast broadband is not possible?It just doesn't make sense at all and we all wondered where all these guaranteed massive profits went.Really? Good timinmg for MACC to step in?


yeah! screw them!!!


can anyone teach how to watch all channel @ hypptv everywhere???I tried on my laptop only a handful of channels free to watch not as per "…As a special treat for hitting their 1 million subscriber milestone, TM will be opening up all channels on HyppTV and HyppTV Everywhere app beginning today, 19 June until 18 July 2017.."


    like i said…..
    screw them!