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Grab driver banned for insulting his passengers on video

Just recently, ride sharing platform, Grab had a serious incident where a passenger was allegedly raped by one of their drivers. Before the dust settles, Grab is facing yet another problem which was made known through a viral video.

The Grab driver had recorded himself while driving and at the same time had mocked his passengers which appears to be from China. In the video, he asked where his passengers were from and then started making fun of them in Bahasa Malaysia.

Obviously, his actions didn’t go unnoticed and Grab had taken action by banning the driver. According to Grab, they have removed him permanently from their platform and they do not condone such behaviour.

Grab’s fast action is commendable but they would need to do more to restore customer confidence when it comes to passenger safety. When it comes to new driver recruitment, Grab says they conduct face to face driver screening and criminal background checks, and they are committed to investing in driver screenings, training and other safety initiatives. For better peace of mind, Grab will be expediting their plans to offer a PDRM panic button on their passenger app.


Alexander Wong