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Moto Z2 to launch end of this month with dual cameras

Moto Z2 Launch

Lenovo is on a roll and they are going to announce another Motorola smartphone at the end of this month. After revealing the modular mid-range Moto Z2 Play and Moto E4/E4 Plus, the next device is highly likely to be their new Moto Z2 flagship.

The Moto Z2 will be Motorola’s top of the line device and it will continue to support its modular Moto Mods like the current Moto Z. Early benchmarks suggest that it would run on a Snapdragon 835 processor with at least 4GB of RAM.

Expect it to be super slim and it would come with a new dual-camera setup at the rear. From the invite picture above, you can see its familiar Moto Z design but you’ll notice there are two lenses on the camera bump.

Based on its earlier leaks, the Moto Z2 is likely to come without a headphone jack. Meanwhile, the front will get a dual-tone LED flash that’s similar to its current Moto Z2 Play.

It’s also possible that Lenovo might introduce its new Moto X4. The Moto X4 is a premium device positioned above its current Moto G5 series which is said to be powered by Qualcomm’s newer Snapdragon 660 processor. The phone is expected to come with IP68 dust and water resistance, and it’s juiced up by a generous 3,800mAh battery. The back of the Moto X4 would feature a curved 3D glass design for a more upmarket look.

The Motorola event is happening on 27 June and we expect Lenovo to roll out these devices globally within the next few months.

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Alexander Wong