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The BlackBerry KEYone’s display pops up very easily

The BlackBerry KEYone is tough when it comes to security. However, in terms of durability, it didn’t fare too well especially when it involves the most crucial component on a smartphone – the display.

JerryRigAnything had posted a video showing how well does the KEYone stand against some serious abuses. In the first half of the video, it holds up pretty well including scratching of the camera lens and the metal frame. It even recovered from a screen burn test with an actual lighter.

However, when it comes to the popular bend test, the display of the KEYone pops up rather effortlessly. Unlike other phones in the market, it appears that TCL didn’t apply any form of adhesive to secure the display in place. If you’re not careful, ripping the fragile connector ribbon will then disable the display.

Apparently, there are a couple of users that have complained that their KEYone displays had come off even with a minor drop. On the other hand, there are other users that had no problems after a long term usage with considerable amount of abuse.

It isn’t clear if this affects all or just a handful of units but it’s a problem that can be fixed by applying some adhesive. At the moment, the BlackBerry KEYone is still on pre-order in Malaysia and it is priced officially at RM2,688.

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Alexander Wong