TuneTalk reduces its voice call rate

If you make lots of voice calls, Tune Talk has some good news for you. Their standard voice call rate has been reduced from 22 sen/minute to 18 sen/minute, making it one of the lowest rates when it comes to prepaid.

However, do take note that Tune Talk charges by 60-second blocks as opposed to 30-second blocks by other prepaid. This means if you make a short 20-second call, you’ll be charged a full minute at 18 sen. If your friends are on TuneTalk, you can call them from as low as 9 sen/minute with Tune Buddies. For messaging, Tune Talk charges 8 sen per SMS and 10 sen per MMS.

If you don’t have a data plan, Tune Talk charges a “pay as you go rate” of 2 sen per MB. This calculates to RM20 per GB so it’s cheaper to subscribe to their monthly data plans instead.

For more info, visit Tune Talk’s website.

Alexander Wong