TuneTalk reduces its voice call rate

Posted:  June 8, 2017   By:    4 comments   

If you make lots of voice calls, Tune Talk has some good news for you. Their standard voice call rate has been reduced from 22 sen/minute to 18 sen/minute, making it one of the lowest rates when it comes to prepaid.

However, do take note that Tune Talk charges by 60-second blocks as opposed to 30-second blocks by other prepaid. This means if you make a short 20-second call, you’ll be charged a full minute at 18 sen. If your friends are on TuneTalk, you can call them from as low as 9 sen/minute with Tune Buddies. For messaging, Tune Talk charges 8 sen per SMS and 10 sen per MMS.

If you don’t have a data plan, Tune Talk charges a “pay as you go rate” of 2 sen per MB. This calculates to RM20 per GB so it’s cheaper to subscribe to their monthly data plans instead.

For more info, visit Tune Talk’s website.

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4 Comments for TuneTalk reduces its voice call rate


no one is talking anymore


Yes is 9sen/min duhhhh


ada lagi orang pakai tunetalk ka? huk3!!

CC Royng

Tunetalk RM 0.20 per mins OMG