The iPad could replace your laptop with these new iOS 11 features

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When the iPad Pro was introduced, Tim Cook has mentioned that it could replace a laptop for a lot of people. However, if you take away the optional keyboard and Apple Pencil, it’s still primarily a consumption device.

That will soon change once iOS 11 begins to roll out to all supported iPads. Read on to find out the top 6 new iOS 11 features that would transform the iPad into a productivity machine.

Dock on the iPad

With iOS 11, the iPad will get an all new Dock which is somewhat similar to what you get on a desktop macOS interface. It gives you instant access to your favourite apps or files at any time without returning to the home screen. You can summon the dock by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen.

Easier Multitasking

Running two apps at the same time is much more flexible than before. You can swipe up your preferred app from the Dock and you can choose to load the extra app either side by side in Split View or have it Slide Over above your active app.

New App Switcher

Switching between apps is much easier with the new App Switcher. Not only it gives you a better overview of what’s running, it preserves the pairing of apps that uses split view or slide over. For those relying on several apps to get the job done, switching apps can be done quickly with a simple swipe. The new App Switcher is accessible by continuing to swipe upwards as you bring up the dock.

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Drag and drop

Working between apps is now easier with iOS 11’s new Drag and Drop feature. You can drag text, images, URLs from one app to another. This also includes adding attachments to email and you can drag documents directly from Files into your email’s body. To save time, you can also drag multiple files one go using two fingers. This is way faster than copying and pasting the old fashion way.


For the first time, you can finally view your files on your iPad with a built-in file manager. It lets you view files stored on your device and also within the apps themselves. In addition, Files let you search, mark favourites and set tags for your favourite documents. Not only it integrates with iCloud but also other cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box.

An even smarter Pencil

The Apple Pencil also gets more features with iOS 11 which are somewhat similar to Samsung’s S Pen. You get Instant Notes where you can take notes immediately after tapping the Pencil on the lock screen. It also lets you perform instant markup on any screen to scribble your notes and feedback. If you need to send a signed document, Notes now comes with a built-in Document Scanner which will automatically save your original content and pen input as a PDF file. To help organise your notes, the new Notes on iOS 11 can index your handwriting so you can search for them later when you need to.

iOS 11 Availability
iOS 11 will be rolling out sometime in September and Public Beta will be open sometime end of this month. In terms of iPad support, it will be available for the iPad mini 2/3/4, iPad Air/Air 2, 5th gen iPad and all iPad Pro models.

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In case you missed it, you can check out our top 10 list of iOS 11 features for the iPhone here.

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18 Comments for The iPad could replace your laptop with these new iOS 11 features


is it confirm all the features listed compatible to all ipads or only ipad pro?


never ever an iOS will ever replace my laptop

for starters the iOS sucks big time and the restrictions iOS has … need i continue to say more ?


    #bodoh fandroid#


    My mum is so smart, if not because of iOS limitation , she’s already gone wild.


unfortunately tablets are still non claimable for tax rebate. wonder if one purchase together with keypad under one invoice, would that counts as a PC purchase and entitle to tax rebate !


    Starting Year Assessment 2017 no more tax rebate for PC/notebook purchase. Everything lump together under the category of personal lifestyle tax rebate inclusive of smartphones etc.


      Yes. Tablets are claimable as well for Year of Assessment 2017. Inclusive of books, internet subscriptions and gym memberships.


    Yr lack of tax rebate is disturbing


    A tablet that cannot be made to make phone calls had been equivalent to a computer since before this 2017 assessment change. Meaning you could’ve claimed tax rebate for tablets every 3 years before. This was confirmed by the Income Tax department. But now everything is lumped together.


Nowhere close to replacing a laptop, from an OS perspective. The only thing that’s close or even exceeds that of proper laptops or 2-in-1s is the price.


no it cant….cos its not a laptop…simple as that

Aniki Tan

can't la, many company not developing Mac or even iOS software, more towards Windows based. Sometime precision design still need mouse to click, touch unable to do the job


    Exactly, look at Windows App Store , so many Apps and games


still cant support for dota2


    It replaces laptop for people who play bejeweled, not Dota.


One thing it can never beat a laptop is the fact it's not a laptop.
The laptop can charge a phone while sync the music library and transfer photos.
The laptop can connect to multiple input devices and multiple consumption devices at the same time.
The laptop can actually properly format a document and send for printing.
The laptop can swap HDD with various different OS for different needs such as Windows or Linux
The laptop can handle multiple Users seamlessly
The laptop has supporting infrastructures in working environments.
And most importantly, The laptop has no nonsense tech support from professionals to college student levels.

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