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Check out these 3 new WhatsApp features on iOS

WhatsApp has updated its iOS app which now comes with several nifty new features. These would definitely make your buzzing group chats more pleasant to use.

If you love to stylise your photos before sending it out, WhatsApp now has filters built-in. When you select a picture, you can swipe up to apply one of 5 filters – Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome and Film.

The latest update also manages bulk photos very well. If someone sends 4 or more photos/videos, WhatsApp will group it up in a mini-album. You can tap on it to view it in full screen and it lets you scroll down to view all photos/videos from the album. This is perfect for times when someone floods the group chat with photos back to back.

The last feature is great when you’re in a WhatsApp group with multiple conversations taking place. To respond to a specific message, you can now swipe the chat bubble to the right for a quick reply. This is more efficient than the usual long tap and then selecting Reply from the pop-up menu.

At the moment, these new features are only available on iOS. So far there’s no mention of when it’s coming to Android but it should happen pretty soon.


Alexander Wong