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HTC U11 review: Surprisingly good

Posted:  June 2, 2017   By:    19 comments   


Here are more photos captured with the HTC U11’s camera. Click on each image to view its full resolution.

If you zoom in, you can even read the text on the sunglasses’ arms and the numbers on the camera’s dials with ease.

This was a really challenging scene but I think the U11 did quite well here. Just add a little bit of tweaking to the shadows and you’ll have a great image.

Low light

Bonus selfie

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19 Comments for HTC U11 review: Surprisingly good


Does HTC pay reviewers worlwide or is it really good device?


    In case you’re wondering, we would never do paid reviews on this site.

      S8+ Kaki

      chill la Soyacincau…..


    Usually HTC phones during April May releases quite good. Just that their subsequent release in the year are questionable


Not bad from HTC this year, but i will go for the s8 as the price are not much different and it's 8mm wider than the 6.4inch s8. Alternately go for the mi6 if wan 2 save 1k to buy a flagship phone.


I read a few of this site’s reviews (I am from Philippines). it seems to be not consistent.

a pros in one phone can be a cons in another.

and the phone review is neither technically In-depth enough or from a user experience is also lacking. the author didn’t do a picture to picture comparison and draw conclusion for picture qualities? that’s an opinion that nobody cares, unless the author is some famous photographer.

is this site sponsored by phone companies?


    We would never do paid reviews on this site as it is unethical. If there is sponsored content, it would be declared upfront so that our readers will be well informed. We will doing another round of camera comparison, so do stay tuned for that.


      that wasn’t his/her question.

      his/her question was, “is this site sponsored by phone companies”.
      he/she didn’t ask whether this review is a paid review.
      If you still don’t get it, meaning, is a large portion of your income contributed by phone companies? either from advertisement or other reasons. Even if they don’t pay you directly for a favourable review, how do you stay “independant” if they indirectly pay your salary?

      And I agree that In the world of tech, performance and (camera) qualities are all relatives. what’s cutting edge today may no longer be so tomorrow. the only way to anchor what you deem is good now, is to have it compared with its rivals. And by doing so, helping us to choose a device in the market.

      We don’t want school boy opinions. we want both sides of the story backup by sound facts. and based on our individual needs, we will decide for ourselves what’s good for us.


        We do get advertisements from various industries such telcos, e-commerce, apps, entertainment, IT products, and of course, smartphone brands. Having diverse advertisers allow us to maintain editorial independence and we have a clear separation when it comes to commercial content. We are free to report/review as it is and we have always pointed out the positive and negative without any influence from brands regardless if they are our current advertiser. If brands wish to have their own say, it would be clearly marked as sponsored and we would never comply any request to mask "sponsored" content.

        Our reviews are always based on our actual experiences with the device. Our writers are free to write both pro and cons but they must be backed up by facts. If there's anything wrong, please point it out and we would gladly make any amends if any.


    on thw picturea side,the author praises the camera with diaclaimer that he didnt do back to back comparison yet to make full conclusion,but based on the photos,u can see it clearly one of the best.

    even zooming in the photos u can see the details is pretty much preserve. same as the cloud,u can see a well exposed photos.

    well,if u care to read untill the end,the author also mentioned that he will hold the ultimate judgement on the camera when he do comparo next time.

    for technical details,i think anandtech,tombshardware,notebook check will do it.

    but most of reviews i read on most sites didnt do technical details except that i mentioned above.

    but its a good recommendation if soya cincau can do technical details review such as sites i mentioned above.


    If you’re looking for in-depth technical reviews and be geeky or techie enough to cc are about the differences in benchmarks and whatever scores, you’ve come to the wrong place. I prefer overviews and layman reviews because in the end, I use a phone like a layman, so too much technical details is just a waste of reading time to me.

    S8+ Kaki

    Hi Rats,

    you are right, basically most reader (if not all) dislike this writer from this tech blog. This tech blog was my number one tech blog pick, but not anymore.


Invitation to launch events and gaining early access to review units are good enough for most bloggers and reviewers. And of coz, there’s nothing wrong with that too.


this is actually a fair and good review.


Do camera comparison with Google Pixel.


If compare with HTC U Ultra camare? Is that about the same ?


    ultra are using ultrapixel 2.0, compared to htc u11 are using ultrapixel 3.0.


Have you tested the 3D audio?


The mobile phones of this site is doing very well oh, inside a lot of digital products, but is the Chinese sellers, don't know how quality, want to ask everybody to help have a look. thank you