webe is giving away 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge for just one person

Posted:  June 1, 2017   By:    14 comments   

You’ve probably seen contests that offer a chance to win a phone. Now here’s one that gives you not one, not two but 10 units of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Yup, that’s 10 smartphones for one single person.

In an attempt to get more people to recommend webe to their friends and family, webe is embarking on a referral code contest where the biggest referral takes home 10x Galaxy S7 edge. To join, you’ll need to be a webe subscriber and you’ll have to recommend webe to others using your unique referral code. If they sign up with your code, your referral is successful and it counts towards your overall ranking.

The referral process runs from now until 30th June 2017 and they will tally the total of successful referrals with activation at 11:59PM on 31st July 2017. The subscriber with the most referrals will be the winner and webe will announce the winner on 1st August 2017. To keep track on your progress, webe will also announce its top 10 referrals on Facebook in no particular order.

Take note that this referral is only for the webemobile postpaid plan which gives you unlimited calls, sms and data at RM79/month. For more information, visit webe’s referral code contest. So, what will you do with 10 phones?

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14 Comments for webe is giving away 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge for just one person


Nice trick…. but nope… will not sign up with webe


Best data…. my top 3 choices

you should look at their offering as a whole… my opinion

best if you check out their website on their offerings

Dungu Boy

Dear friends,
I have always been duped by telcos. Please give me straight answers. I need data, tons of it. My budget is between RM50 to RM90.
Second question: what is the best portable broadband. Same budget.
Pls help me decide. Thank you.


    umobile p98 hero if you're in the city area. also check for your coverage for 3g+4g/4g+. 30gb, comes with SNS platforms including youtube for unlimited bandwidth, and spotify data allocation is unlimited. 30gb base data allocation, rm98, be sure to reject bill statement so you don't get charged extra rm3 per month. can be used to tether, i've been tethering using this package and i've so far used a comfortable 25gb a month, with 5gb left to spare. my YT and SNS platforms come to roughly 3-5gb/month if i'm deep in the zone.

    don't go for the unlimited 78 plan if you want tethering.. that's only decent when you use your mobile phone and not for tethering (you'll get charged for tethering)

    if you don't meet the first requirement, which is coverage, forget about this and move on..


    Dear Dungu,
    Do you work for webe?


Never ever let other people under your name. If u just want to port out one line, u have to port out all the line at the same time. All the number under your name is actually the subline.


    Referral code is just a code stand for that person that refer you to webe instead of sub-line under the person name..

    Mohammad Hafiz Abdul Rahim

    this is not a subline. its called affiliate marketing. u promote a product or service, the advertiser will pay u. in this case however only the top promoter will get the reward. all of it. i wont waste my time with this promo

Dungu Boy

Thank you Ahmad.


Webe u need to do a better marketing plan. Referral by sharing affiliate link like this ain’t gonna attract more subscriber, only more self declared agents.

No benefits at all for the new subscriber.
Webe should come up with a raya plan instead.


Based on my experience, playing clash royale 7pm to 10pm:
Maxis : passed
Celcom : passed
Webe : passed but a bit slow
Digi : doesn’t try
Umobile : failed, line drop to 0%, cannot load stop at 50%, get in playing like slow motion, 80% losing.

The moral of the story is: the cheaper the package was, the more peoples rebut the line and the worst it is.

    Oh Seriously

    go suck some eggs!


    Indoor or outdoor when you test out the network? Which state u in?

Dungu Boy

Tqvm Zaf.

No Rip. I don’t work for Webe or any other telco.