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Digi is now offering up to 30GB extra free data on Prepaid

Posted:  May 24, 2017   By:    34 comments   

Digi is now offering even more data for its prepaid customers. With its new biGBonus promotion, you can enjoy as much as 30GB extra each month on top of your monthly data quota.

Digi’s biGBonus offer is similar to Hotlink’s free 1GB/day Happy Hour promotion but it comes with 6 times the duration. Each day, you will get 1GB extra data that you can use between 1PM to 7PM.

For RM3/day, you’ll get 1GB that you can use for the whole day plus 1GB biGBonus data. Meanwhile, while the weekly RM9 option comes with 1.5GB data for a week plus an extra 7GB biGBonus data. For its RM30 option, you’ll get 5GB for 30 days with an extra 30GB of biGBonus.

Take note that the same biGBonus rule applies for both weekly and monthly. This means you are limited to an extra 1GB/day between 1PM to 7PM. As a comparison, Hotlink’s Happy Hour is only usable for 1 hour, but you get the flexibility to choose when to use it.

Unlike Hotlink, this extra data promo is only applicable for the 3 options above. The normal monthly plans such as RM28 for 5GB, RM38 for 8GB and RM48 for 10GB remains unchanged. As usual, these plans are time limited and it is valid from now until 30 June 2017.

In summary, Digi’s new biGBonus promo is probably what you get when you blend Xpax’s Burung Hantu and Hotlink’s Happy Hour promotion together. The timing is a bit weird for mid-day and it’s a total opposite of Burung Hantu’s 1AM to 7AM duration. But who can say no to free data? What do you think of this new offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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For more info, visit Digi’s Prepaid Internet Plan page.

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34 Comments for Digi is now offering up to 30GB extra free data on Prepaid


others i dono, for me i welcome this offer, some more is daily peak hour. good


The more offer from telcos.

User benefits the most.

Thanks to the free market.


U mobile always said that want to be different as other telco…

Dare u… Come 35GB RM30 with no period limitations…


    Umobile unlimited data wor….although for FAcabook, Twitter, instagram oni but unlimited. Also anytime any day.

    So which better. Fight lah


      35GB all data > unlimited fb ig tw….
      Unless for those ppl who can use up to 2GB per day within those 3 apps.


    Promo until 30 June 2017

Lim Wai Leong

Digi Prepaid is better than Digi Postpaid


    so why sign-up postpaid then?
    Pay so much more.
    Better switch back to prepaid


      been thinking of changing from postpaid to prepaid


        I already switch to prepaid when they launch the internet plus plan


“As a comparison, Hotlink’s Happy Hour is only usable for 1 hour, but you get the flexibility to choose when to use it.”

— need to be more specific. It is actually 7am to 7pm.


How about call…U mobile have free call leh


Digi product, though look attractive, always comes with conditions. I have once bought a 99sen McCafe voucher from MyDigi App and was told at McCafe outlet that there was a daily limit of 5 redemptions and was used up. So better study well before you decide to purchase.

Dungu Boy

What about after the promotion, the 30 GB still available ah?

    ping pong

    useless promotion , they offer smtg which is really unfair and its some more called as a big bonus …
    postpaid user thn need to pay more without any bonus ?
    somemore many of them complaining tht the free gb is totally waste giving time is during ppl working and also having some limitation on the it ..and only for the prepaid users..unfair towards to the postpaid users …is that called as bonus ?? dg plz offer something make us really happy not disappointed us ! better dont subscribe it and waste your money ….


For Digi, the coverage still can’t beat Hotlink at my area PJS 7 Bandar Sunway. Can Digi do something?! As for Hotlink, the coverage is superb, and still to many hidden cost. For example, CRT keep haunting me every months eventho i already unsubscribe it.


    yes , tats true … the Digi coverage sucks..just imagine the line is alrdy very slow plus now the digi users using the 1gb to use internet in sametime ..for sure the line wil be more down …better dn


digi coverage network is still below maxis and almost same level with celcom.
Celcom time to work harder on your plan and coverage..

aesha sha

finally this yellow man is offer huge of data for the prepaid user ?? wah so good ah … 1GB extra data that you can use between 1PM to 7PM…bt thn if cnt finish the 1GB data btwn that time ,is that cn carry forward to the next day ??


    Unfair to their postpaid users right
    As they said 1-7 is the peak hour so you think their line will be smooth? congested..ing
    can't carry forward, you must use it between 1-7…….

      syamil imran

      exactly …..really unfair for the postpaid user …
      bt thn for my opinion if they offer this kind promo to postpaid user also no use bcz they offer the gb in working hrs ..most of them working plus i heard its have limit , this is call bonus??? >< dg !!!!! …

      syamil imran

      yes exactly …really not fair to their postpaid users
      somemore they offer this gb free is during ppl working hrs plus its having limitation aso…
      useless dg …its really nt worth it …this is called bonus???

Hum Wein Shing

It uses my original data but not the biGBonus 1am to 7am 1gb data when I was watching youtube during 1.30a.m.
What exactly is happening?(I subscribed to Weekly RM9)


    It's 1PM to 7PM.


    petang guna la bro. bukan pagi… wkwkwkwkwkw…

angry customer

i used this plan but when i use between 1-7am my data run is not using the quota from 1-7am which is definitely annoying and making me so angry. How can i solve this problem.I just started this plan these few days. I don’t have money for new plan.Digi is always cheating. No place to complain.


    It’s 1pm – 7pm (petang) ..not 1am – 7am..


    petang la bro. bukan pagi.. wkwkwkwkwk…

syamil imran

betwn the time 1pm to 7pm ….but however its still waste , not worth it at all…
bcz its a working hours ,most of will be in office..
offer the data in time of during at office for wat ..if want to offer smtg plz offer smtg tht really everyone cn subscribe n use it …


Sorry blur sotong cutting in …

These biGBonus plans will continue and auto-subscribe until I unsubscribe right? Even after the promo (30 June 2017) has ended?


so much complaints here. typical malaysian attitude. As some of you have already called it, it's a free market. No one is forcing you to subscribe to postpaid. Digi is just giving different options to suit different needs. Yes postpaid offers might seem to be less attractive than prepaid as of now, but some like my dad may still stick to it due to its convenience. For those who are working at office like me, yes free data from1-7pm is pretty much useless, but how about the ones driving around the town using Waze/Google Map? will this be useless to them? come on peeps, think from a broader perspective, dont just live in your tiny little world. 😉


    I love this comment the most.


30 gb


may i know how to deactivate digi plan data bigbonus 30?