5 Reasons why Yes is the best telco for Voice Calls

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Launched a year ago in June 2016, Yes is one of the youngest 4G LTE telco in Malaysia. Despite being the newest LTE player in the market, Yes has leapfrogged the rest by launching the country’s first ever Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service. If you want to enjoy loud and clear conversations, here are 5 reasons why you should go with Yes.

Crystal Clear Voice Calls anytime

VoLTE is the next evolution for voice. Unlike traditional circuit switch voice networks, VoLTE has more bandwidth for HD voice giving you superior clarity as if the person you’re talking to is next to you. Plus, you can enjoy it end to end on Yes’ 4G LTE network. The difference is like night and day, and you can hear it for yourself here.

Instant Conversation

With VoLTE, you won’t need to wait too long before you can say hello. Calls are connected quicker than conventional 2G and 3G calls. In our previous test, a VoLTE call connects 50% faster than normal calls and 37% faster than WiFi calling. A few seconds is crucial in urgent situations and VoLTE does make a difference.

No Compromise on 4G Data

Without VoLTE, your current 4G connection has to switch to 3G before you can make or answer a voice call. That can be annoying when you’re using data at the same time. On Yes, you can enjoy both 4G calls and 4G data at the same time thanks to VoLTE. Imagine being able to answer a phone call without interrupting your high-speed download via hotspot. Now, that’s a true 4G experience.

Yes customers enjoy free unlimited on-net calls nationwide

Yes operates a fully 4G network without any legacy 3G or 2G technologies. So, you’ll be assured of 4G LTE and VoLTE connectivity all the time when you’re in coverage. Whether you’re on postpaid or prepaid, Yes offers free calls and SMS between Yes to Yes numbers. That’s unlimited crystal clear conversations that you can enjoy nationwide.

Awarded Most Innovative Voice Service in Asia

In recognition of its services, YTL Communications was awarded the Most Innovative Voice Service in Asia during the Telecoms Asia Awards 2017. This is a testament to its VoLTE service and they had emerged the winner against other regional finalists including Reliance Jio (India), SK Telecom (South Korea) and SmarTone (Hong Kong).

It’s a remarkable achievement for a 10-month old 4G LTE service and it’s also first telco to roll out a nationwide VoLTE service in an emerging country globally. For more info, visit www.Yes.my.

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10 Comments for 5 Reasons why Yes is the best telco for Voice Calls


still can't believe yes is better than reliance jio….


The most not reliable post I ever see…
SoyaCincau please be more selective on the advertiser or at lease filter the content.

Best telco for Voice Calls with worst download speed? Sorry, it is not convincing…


    Hello. Voice calls. Did they talk about data speed?


    The statistics you posted is based on Yes Wimax network. In order for VoLTE to work, certain amount of bandwidth must reserved for VoLTE. Brush up your technical knowledge before bashing could save you some embarrassment. Just saying not trying to underestimate anyone.


      So, just focus on voice call… and ignore network speed?
      I am sure most of the Malaysian use network more than voice call… So, you want to have a clear voice call and ignore the slow network speed?

      I don't need any technical knowledge to justify what is the reasonable telco to choice… crystal clear voice call with low network speed – not convincing…


        You do realize that the statistics is based on Wimax network right? It's unfair to compare directly between Yes and P1 with other provider as their statistic are inflated by the introduction of LTE. LTE spectral efficiency is miles ahead of Wimax in case you don't know. If you had a chance to test it out Yes LTE network, you wouldn't be making this statement as their network speed is beating U Mobile LTE hands down and goes toe to toe or even faster than Digi in most area.


          I agree with you. I have celcom, u mobile, digi and yes service, and I must say yes beats them hands down in terms of coverage, speed and consistency.

          the only downside is that they have some blind spots in shopping malls, I trust given them a bit more time they will excel better on this.


how about roaming?
can’t get out malaysia?


Yes.com.my we are suck at our service but hey give us yr money idiot consumer.


For voice call outdoor only , indoor no line .