The world’s first smartphone with 4K HDR display is coming to Malaysia next week

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Sony’s premium flagship, the Xperia XZ Premium is finally coming to Malaysia. Succeeding the Xperia Z5 Premium, this is the world’s first smartphone to feature a 4K HDR display and it’s capable of shooting slow-mo videos at 960fps.

XZ Premium

The Xperia XZ Premium is currently the best Sony has to offer. Similar to the Xperia Z5 Premium, it gets a 5.5″ 4K Triluminos display but the XZ Premium gets an additional HDR enhancement for a better video viewing experience. For better protection, its premium mirror finish body gets Gorilla Glass 5 protection for both front and back.

It’s also the first smartphone to be announced with a Snapdragon 835 processor and it comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. If you need more, it’s also expandable via microSD up to 256GB. For imaging, it gets a 19MP Motion Eye camera that’s identical to the Xperia XZs while the front comes with a 13MP shooter. It can also withstand the elements with its IP68 rated dust and water resistance.

Powering the device is a 3,230mAh battery and it supports Quick Charge 3.0 via USB Type-C. There’s also Qnovo Adaptive Charging which helps to prolong your battery’s lifespan.

XA1 Ultra

Apart from the Xperia XZ Premium, Sony Mobile Malaysia is also introducing another Xperia X series smartphone. This should be the Xperia XA1 Ultra, which was also announced alongside the Xperia XA1 during Mobile World Congress 2017. It gets a phablet sized 6.0″ full HD edge-to-edge display and it is powered by a MediaTek P20 processor with 4GB of RAM and up to 64GB of storage.

In the camera department, the XA1 Ultra gets a 23MP f/2.0 main camera assisted by PDAF and LaserAF while the front comes with a 16MP f/2.0 shooter with autofocus. Onboard it comes with a 2,700mAh battery which supports MediaTek’s Pump Express+ 2.0 charging.

The Sony event is taking place next Thursday, 25 May, so stay tuned to us for the latest updates on pricing and availability for Malaysia. For reference, the older Xperia Z5 Premium was priced at RM3,099 while the compact Xperia XA1 is currently selling at RM1,199.

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34 Comments for The world’s first smartphone with 4K HDR display is coming to Malaysia next week


Everyone asking for longer battery standby but Sony give 4k screen which nobody ask for


4K on a mobile display makes no sense.


    the screen will only run at 1080p unless you watching video or picture..


Can’t wait for XA1 oftens get critism & negative highlights from everyone despite its phones features excellent real life experiences/actual innovatives efforts than just slap bigger ram(means inefficient optimized software) & use non practical bezelles screen just for visual gimmick. Kudos for sony for still being innovative & actually add new features compare to some of other rivals.


    6.0″ FHD with a 2,700mAh battery ….. enjoy!


      Yes I will enjoy it if you don’t mind, thank you.


    u still rooting for SONY???
    pls leave the dinosaur behind la.
    they only pushing 4K screen in which no one cares…..
    better slo mo, but who takes slo mo anyways?
    ur just a pathetis SONY fankid.


    I do think sony has a place in the mobile world.
    over the years, they did bring some innovation to the table. water resistant, good camera sensors, their compact series… and I did enjoy their xperia z series design.
    granted, no one ask for the lights of 4k. but one could argue that noone ask for fingerprint reader, curve screen and so on. given that the screen is the only thing we interact with, a better screen won’t hurt? plus it would look good in VR 360 video if the trend kicks off. a bit future proofing in that sense.
    I can understand that they are not in the best spot in terms of sales, so is harder to innovate given the sales. I hope they can manage because the market always need more competition.
    is your money, you buy what you fancy, no justification required. 🙂


the REAL poor use of space. So much bezels!


Why people buy Ferrari and pay hefty road tax when the speed limit is 110km/h..?
Maybe bragging right is enough of a purpose to some?

I personally can think of 1 use for 4K on a mobile….. when using VR.


    obviously rm300 per speed ticket are just their lunch money for Ferrari owners


    A Nintendo Switch so huge can't even render 1080p in 30 smoothly, I don't know if a smaller phone can and should push 4K.

    Even if it does, gouroud or flat shading would probably is the max for it to render smoothly in such resolution.


Come on SONY………please get your priorities right at the right time and place…………………please do away with those extra bezel on the top and bottom and it does made the phone looks weird and awful.


This xz premium price will be similar or more expensive than the s8. Sony please produce back the z5 compact with mtk p10 or sd625 processor. Sell it around rm1200.


This phone suddenly puts PS4 Pro to shame as the latter can't even run 4K smoothly.

Most probably for stills, it makes sense.


    Rendering 4K in a game vs playing a 4K content is vastly different my friend.
    You can’t compare a ps4 with a 4K screen like that.

HP. enthusiast

To Malaysian who is still not aware why 4k is becoming more important. Please participate more in an international forum about electronics technology especially smartphones.

4k and HDR contents becoming a new standard in the future and we are not far from that future now.

Slow motion camera is a very new technology and we can’t simply put it in a very light perception without thinking of what it might further brings in the near future.

Wake up from your boundary of mindset and be three steps ahead along with modern and “first world country”.

Do not put us as uncivilized or left-behind society anymore with those short sighted thinking.


    hahaha…right… to the well informed Malaysian whom is up-to-date in an international forum… 4K and HDR is becoming the standard but you need to put priorities in a phone as it has limited space. Do tell me how many 4K contents are out there right now? 4K TV has been around for a few years and its getting cheaper now but how often do you watch 4K movies on that TV? Its impossible to watch 4K movie on this phone as 1 movie alone will fill up all the internal space available. 4K from an SD card?? Maybe possible but not practical. Unless you are having unlimited 4G to watch Netflix or youtube, you dont fully utilize the screen. also, you might want a 20,000mah power bank if you watch 4K Netflix on the go..on that small screen.

    Money will be better spent on getting a 4K 48" TV and a cheaper phone if you want to enjoy 4K and HDR. HDR is even harder to come by btw. and an average phone life is now 1.5-2 years. When the content becomes more readily available, then in 2 years time you can get a 4K phone. Heck, there might even be significant improvement in battery life by then for you to fully utilize your 4k phone


      bodokambing, iPhone can use 5 years and above still run faster and smooth# watch 4k movie five hours continuely without power bank#


        IPhone.,, 5 years.., 4k hdr?! Oh my… Wake up bro… You dreaming? Non of those above make sense…. I know you lice iPhone but you need to wake the f*** up and stop making brainless comments. You r lucky Internet exists for you so you can comment and hide behind the keyboard


          u do realise its a brainless comment, obviously some butthurt poorfag sadlife guy pretend 'swan', it wont stop in short cause ppl him got no real life, need to do this kind of thing to balance wakakaka

      HP. enthusiast

      Unlike previous years, 4k contents now is widely available. 4k HDR TV compared to 4k HDR smartphone is two different entity as being discussed in several tech sites.

      It is similar with “on screen navigation” despised before but now it is became significant with no home button option and making the manufacturers to invent infinity screen and going almost bezelless.

      In smartphones world, 6 months is already a very long period of time and became obsolete. Some manufacturer going for more extreme causes by making 3 months cycle as “product line period”.

      Unlimited internet is also already here with webe, some other telco in Malaysia is following suit in 2017. If not, they are offering other package that could fight this strong competition coming.

      The word “Becoming” here is only a courtesy, in fact, 4k or better 4k HDR technology culture is already became a norm in advance and rich country unlike our beloved Malaysia; as we are technically still unfamiliar with this technology put into smartphone. Policy, laws, and Economics stability also became a main factor, as discussed in some forum regarding the eve of 5G into Malaysia; of how we shall implement and provide this kind of service in here.

      VR and AR is fast approaching into Malaysian market as well although it is already a hive in rich country. 4k HDR is no longer a new technology by the Q4 of 2017 but I won’t sure whether we will still stalled behind with 2k technology or simply embrace 4k tech in smartphone.

      Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will tells us the rest of the story.


    ' 4k is Becoming more important'.. tq.. Becoming is the keyword, not yet.
    Most Users don't want/ can't afford their devices to Cost A More because of features they not gonna use.

    surely that 4k screen cost can be applied on more important, RightNow features or
    Just Let R&D Div spends it to figure to cut those Bezels.. comeOn, it halfway through 2017, why the same design for years.

      HP. enthusiast

      The word “becoming” is only a courtesy, in fact, 4k or better 4k HDR is already a norm in advance and rich country unlike Malaysia.

      VR and AR technologies is fast approaching into Malaysia. With 4k screen on smartphone, then we can utilise this tech fully. 2k screen on your phone will unable to give you the full experience of it.

      “On screen Navigation” buttons are despised before, but now it is already a standard with introduction of infinity screen or ultra wide screen by Samsung and LG. It is similar like this 4k situation, this technologies will wider and further the ability of other inventions. Embrace it or stalled behind 2-3 steps with your current technology.

      Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might come with 5G and will we despised it and stating that it is not worth it since Malaysia didn’t have 5G yet? It is not those technology problem but it is our own problem whether we can accept or not. No demand then no market, no market then no new kind of services nor new technology. If many Malaysian going forward with the rest of others, then manufacturers and telcos will be put into pressure to marketing it to us and provide it to us.

      Having bezel or simply bezelless is a matter of preference, I will skip on this topic but more unto 4k tech.


    I ventured into 4K with a Sony camcorder in 2014, not started with a phone.

    Now all my phones , cameras, camcorders and drone shoot 4K. With 4K monitors and MBP for editing, I am not sure if I am still considered “late”


      BTW, I still can’t get good quality 4K BluRay discs movie in MY ever since I bought my 60″ 4K TV years ago.

      Please don’t suggest “download” or BT. Even if available, the sound quality would be subpar and the Low bitrate simply don’t make sense.

      Would be happy to enjoy Netflix 4K if they make more movies available in this resolution.

      Also, I find myself struggling to stream any content beyond 40mbps before Unifi rewards me with the free upgrade.

      Maybe am just asking too much. 4K TV should be used only for phone videos playback.


a little too latE?


so can i use my ps4 pro to run on this phone? i mean, the phone got 4K HDR right? HDR 10 bit panel is it?


    Technically possible


One of my phones is a Sony C5 Ultra. I was initially disappointed with the phone in terms of battery life, whitish screen and overall usability but after multiple updates those issues are resolved and now I still use it. So I do believe Sony phones are worth it.


    Same, my Xperia S, Xperia Z, Xperia ZR, Xperia Z3+, Xperia X still working without issue.


SONY rip.
or maybe Rip Van Winkle.
woke up after sleeping for 100 years!!!!!


All these rants and critisms on how 4k is useless, just wait till samsung puts it on their mobile space. Hell they said the same thing about waterproofing a few years back


    Samsung won't be so lame. It will go straight to 8K. The next Olympics will be shot in 8K, so it makes sense. They make panel and LSI themselves, sure this is possible.