The Surface Pro is getting an update next week and we’re not happy 

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After introducing the Surface Laptop, Microsoft is expected to release a successor to its Surface Pro 4 convertible tablet next week. Serial leakster @evleaks once again has dropped early details of the upcoming device and it will be simply known as the Surface Pro.

The new Surface Pro for 2017 won’t be a radical redesign and it looks identical to its current Surface Pro 4. The major changes are on the inside as it would get a newer range of Intel Core i processors and the possibility of running Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 S.

You get the same tablet form factor with a built-in kickstand and it appears that Microsoft will be introducing new colour variants similar to the ones available with the Surface Laptop for the Surface Type Cover, stylus and mouse. Our biggest gripe with the new Surface Pro is the lack of USB Type-C ports.

The new Surface Pro is expected to be unveiled during Microsoft’s event at Shanghai that’s happening on next Tuesday, 23 May. Based on the pricing of its current Surface Laptop and Surface Pro 4, you can expect this to be priced higher than your average laptop. The base level Surface Laptop with Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage is going for US$999 which is about RM4,327.

In case you missed it, do check out our review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.


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5 Comments for The Surface Pro is getting an update next week and we’re not happy 


microsoft poor taste of ugly bird wallpaper ….

Pen Fan

I am trying to buy a surface pro 4 recently, but their official online retailer Lazada prices are as though no price drop at all (which is already stated in Microsoft site on price reduction) , it’s almost like the price of this new surface 4399 for an i5


I am not sure if this can be called a laptop. With the kickstand, can it rest on my lap steadily? A real laptop or notebook can. But slate type of devices that wanna be laptop? Don't really work well.

With some colleagues in office with touch screen and some not, it's awkward to see sometimes, one tries to touch others' non-touch and some forgotten that his/her laptop has a touch screen.

Can we have all touch screen PC now with Windows 10? With options, we lose optimisations.


    well its a tablet. not a laptop actually… so no..


and u say apple is expensive lol