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Gmail on iOS and Android can now reply your emails for you

Today, at the Google I/O 2017 developer conference, Google announced a brand new feature for Gmail on iOS and Android. It’s called Smart Reply and it’s exactly what its name suggests.

Yup, in Google’s push towards text recognition and AI, the company’s email application will now be able to scan the text of your email, understand what it says and suggests three basic responses which you can select.

What’s more, it can also adapt to a person’s idiosyncrasies. That means it is supposed to be able to tailor the replies based on how you would reply personally. That means if you tend to say “Thanks!” instead of “thanks”, the smart replies should recognise that and adjust the responses to be more you.

This feature will be available in English first, with Spanish to follow in the coming weeks. More languages will follow soon thereafter. Smart Reply is rolling out to iOS and Android devices now.